TOWNSHIP: Litchfield
LOCATION: east side of Avon Lake Rd. (SR-83); between Shank Rd. (TR-106) and Smith Rd. (CR-4).
CURRENT OWNER: private property
ACCESS: private
STATUS: inactive (possibly abandoned)
PERMANENT PARCEL #: 024-04D-21-004 (for surrounding 74.6301 acre parcel)
ORIGINAL LOT#: Lot 29 or 30

All that is known about this cemetery’s existence comes from a writeup by Mildred O. Bushek in The Story of Litchfield, Ohio 1831-1997 published by the Litchfield Historical Society (pg. 108). Situated on what is the now the Borling farm, it was owned by the Bushek family back in the early 1940’s at which point there were a few markers still at the site. In the short time that the Busheks lived there these stones were removed by persons unknown.

It will probably never be known for certain who was buried in those graves but by researching the property’s history we can find some possibilities. The property was purchased as a 100 acre parcel from Daniel Pickett by Clara Nickerson on January 27, 1845 (Volume Y, Page 605). The property eventually transferred to Franklin B. Nickerson (probably when Clara died in 1891) and remained in the family until 1903 when it was sold to Antoinette Rice.

In the Litchfield Cemetery there are two lots of interest where this family can be found. Lots 563 and 564 are found in the western half of the Old Center Section. Both are in the area of the cemetery which was purchased in 1858. Two burials on these lots predate the 1858 purchase: Eliza Smith Nickerson in 1849 and Stephen Nickerson in 1854. Two more are dated 1865, another 1869. While it is pure speculation, it is possible that some members of the Nickerson family were originally buried on the family property and later moved here. Given that they owned the property for almost sixty years, any burials made on the property would likely be tied to them.

Nickerson property
The Nickerson property as it appears in the 1874 atlas.
Nickerson property
The Nickerson property as it appears in 2011.