TOWNSHIP: Montville
LOCATION: unknown
STATUS: abandoned

This cemetery was mentioned in Wolcott’s research. She indicated that it had contained only the Ingham family but that there were no stones remaining since the family had been reinterred in Spring Grove cemetery in Medina.

In Section 2, Lot 118 of Spring Grove Cemetery there is a monument for the Ingham family. On it are inscribed the names of Oliver Ingham, his wife Mary, their son Samuel, and his wife Martha. There can also be found the names of two daughters of Oliver and Mary who died young:

Dau’s of O & M.A.:
Infant, died May 3, 1843
Martha, Oct. 5, 1844 – July 7, 1846

The image below is taken from the map of Montville Township in the 1874 county atlas. Note that Oliver Ingham owns land in Lot 69, Lot 84, and Lot 89. When his two daughters died he only owned the northern fifty acres of Lot 89 (per the 1843 map of Montville Township). This area must be where the children were buried and is located on the south side of Ridgewood Rd. It would come to be known as the Oliver Ingham farm (per the February 15, 1884 Gazette). Oliver and his wife moved into Medina in 1882. When Oliver died in February of 1892 his wife purchased the lot in Spring Grove. Cemetery records make no mention of the two children.