Graves are listed from north to south within each lot.

Lot 1

Lot 2

Lot 3

Lot 4

Lot 5

Abram, died Sep. 23, 1861, aged 48y 4ms & 13d

Lot 6

Thomas D., died Sept. 27, 1861 in the 18th year of his age

Sarah, wife of T., died Sept. 26, 1861 in her 56th year

Thomas, died Nov. 21, 1873, aged 74 yrs

Lot 7

Lot 8

Lot 9

C.L., son of J & J, died March 21, 1866, aged 1 year 4mo 5d

Agnes, wife of John, died April 9, 1873, aged 79ys 8mos

John, died July 21, 1856, aged 62y 9m
(Perrin, Battle and Goodspeed, History of Medina County, pg. 845. This publication gives John’s date of death and age as his tombstone cannot be found. The WPA map for this cemetery shows his grave in this location.)

Wylie, son of J & A, died Mar. 5, 1852, AE. 21y’rs 1m 5d’s

Lot 10

Joseph, died Sept. 12, 1866, aged 47 y 11m 7d, father
Nancy E., died Oct. 20, 1865, aged 21y 4m 3d “NANCY E.”
Wiley, died Feby 1, 1851, aged 2y 4d “WILEY”

(Joseph, Nancy, and Wiley appear on this headstone together but Joseph and Nancy each have their own separate headstones also. Joseph’s reads: “Joseph Martin, died Sept. 12, 1866, aged 47 yrs 11 mos & 7 ds”. Nancy’s reads: “Nancy E. Martin, dau. of J & S, died Oct. 20, 1865, aged 21 y’s 4 m’s & 3 d’s”.)

Lot 11

Henry, Co. 166 Reg. O.N.G. died at Arlington Heights* July 7, 1864, aged 32 yrs 7mo 23d
* – misspelled “Hights” on this headstone.

Luella, dau. of H & S.S., died Aug. 27, 1865, aged 3 years

Elizabeth, wife of H., died July 16, 1852, aged 59 y’rs 6 mo’s, mother
Henry, died Mar. 28, 1873, aged 86 y’rs 8 mo’s 17 d’s, father

(Another headstone for Elizabeth Shane was found on private property (127 N. Vine St.) in the city of Medina. While it is unclear how the stone ended up there, it reads: “Elizabeth, wife of Henry Shane, died July 16, 1852”.)

Lot 12

William D., died Nov. 3, 1867, aged 37 years 9mos & 2 days

Mary, daughter of J & E, died Feb. 12, 1854, AE. 13y 10m

Leta Mabel, dau. of J & M, died May 2, 1861, AE. 1y 9m 4d

Jonathan, died Oct. 4, 1875, aged 70 yrs 11ms 22ds, father
Elizabeth, died Dec. 28, 1882, aged 79ys 13ds, mother

Lot 13

Lot 14

Lot 15

D.B., died Dec. 29, 1863, aged 49 years

Lot 16

Lot 17

Lot 18

Edwin, died Nov. 17, 1856, agd 23ys 5m ?d (says either 2d or 3d)

Sarah, wife of Lewis, died Apr. 21, 1877, aged 82ys 5m & 21d

Lewis, died Jan. 28, 1870, aged 74 yrs 11ms & 10 days

Lot 19

Lot 20

Lot 21

Lot 22

Lot 23

Drusilla, wife of A., died Apr. 3, 1860, aged 47 yrs 7ms & 23ds

Charlotte, wife of Jacob, died Aug. 26, 1887, aged 77y 6m 12d

Jacob, died Sept. 16, 1863, aged 57 yrs

Lot 24

Henry, son of J & C, died Sep. 3, 1863, aged 7ys 8ms & 6ds

Mary Ann, dau. of J & C, died May 8, 1856, AE. 3y 5m 4d

Christena, dau. of J & C, died Sep. 10, 1854, AE. 9y 11mo 3ds

Elizabeth, daughter of J & C, died Dec. 13, 1867, aged 25ys 9ms & 21ds

Phillip G., born Oct. 31, 1839, died Feb. 24, 1897

Lot 25

Ferdinand V., son of C & L.C., died July 2, 1863, AE. 6ys 11m
Chubil, died July 2, 1863, aged 35ys 2ms 12?d, Murdered in Medina
Lucy C., wife of C., died July 2, 1863, AE. 33ys 2ms 16?ds
(“Murdered in Medina” applies to all three members of the Coy family as listed on the monument. The story of this tragedy is detailed here.)

Lot 26

Marcus R., son of ?????

Lot 27

Lot 28

Lot 29

Lot 30

Hannah D., died Nov. 28, 1875, aged 32ys 4m 11ds
Ethel, died May 16, 1876, aged 8ms 9ds

Lot 31

Nicholas, died Dec. 6, 1868, aged 84 yrs, father
Nancy, his wife, died Oct. 27, 1861, aged 69 yrs & 11ms, mother
Mary, daughter of N & N, died June 7, 1858, aged 24 yrs 9ms & 18ds

Little Matthew, died Feb. 17, 1854, AE. 3m 17d
(The top of this headstone appears to have been broken off.)

Sarah, dau. of N & N, died Oct. 15, 1853, AE. 24 y’s

(Nicholas, Nancy, and Sarah Spitzer all appear on a tombstone at Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina, Ohio. The stone does not list Mary but does show a `Matthew Spitzer, 1822-1853’. Records for Spring Grove do not show any interment for these Spitzers. It is unclear why Mary isn’t listed on the tombstone at Spring Grove. If Matthew had a headstone at this cemetery it has since disappeared. Given that there is no record of interment at Spring Grove, the family is presumed still buried here.)


Lot 32

Juditha, wife of Stephen, died Dec. 16, 1856, aged 84 yrs

Lot 33

Azariah A., son of Azariah & Martha, who died March 5, 1847, aged 1yr 6m ???
Also 2 infants

Lot 34

Lot 35

Lot 36

Lot 37

Katharine, died Aug. 12, 1861, aged 47y’s 3m’s

Lot 38

Marshall, son of N.B. & E, Nov. 19, 1842 – Aug. 7, 1848

Lot 39

Sophie S., daughter of A & A, born in Chesterfield, N.H. Aug. 15, 1818, died Jan. 19, 1836, aged 17 yrs
Amasa, born in Athens, Vt. July 15, 1782, died June 11, 1865, aged 82 yrs
Anna Shortleff, wife of A., born in Ellington, Ct. Jan. 17, 1784, died Sep. 30, 1870, aged 86 years

Laura M., died Dec. 27, 1888, aged 73y
(Medina County Gazette, January 11, 1889 edition, pg. 2; mentions her death and that she was buried beside her parents in Lafayette. The 1850 and 1870 censuses for Lafayette Township show a Laura Chapman living with Amasa and Anna Chapman and whose age fits.)

Lot 40

Lot 41

Lot 42

Lot 43

Lot 44

Martha, died Nov. 14, 1864, aged 14 y’rs 6m’s

Lot 45

Mary E., daughter of J.B. & E.B., died Dec. 3, 1864, aged 10ys 3ms
Edwin N., son of J.B. & E.B., killed at the Battle of the Wilderness May 11, 1864, aged 18 years 8ms
Memr. of 12 Reg. US I Co. I, “My life for my Country”

Lot 46

Lot 47

James, Co. B 42 Regt. Ohio Inf., 1845-1862

Lot 48

(tombstone base)

Lot 49

Catharine, wife of S., died June 14, 1849, aged 41 yrs 3 mos
Rufus R., son of S & C, died Sep. 14, 1849 (rest broken off)

Esther, died July 26, 1894, aged 85 yrs 12ds

Lot 50

Lot 51

Lucy Bennett, wife of John, born at Partridgefield, Mass., Feb. 14, 1780, died Jan. 31, 1864

Lot 52

Lot 53

John F., died Sept. 19, 1866, aged 10ys 9ms & 5ds

Lot 54

Lot 55

Lot 56

Lot 57

Lot 58

Christena, wife of Philip, died Oct. 9, 1872, aged 94 y’rs

Mary A., died Aug. 25, 1882, aged 69 yrs

Lot 59

Lot 60

George W., died Aug. 1, 1868, aged 45 years

Other known burials

The following individuals have no headstones and are known to be buried here from other sources:

Margaret Anne Huffman, wife of Edward, died Dec. 17, 1871
(Medina County Gazette, January 26, 1872 edition, pg. 3; mentions the death of Mrs. M. Clapp. It tells that her remains were taken first to the vault in Lodi and then on January 14 to the Spitzer Burying Ground. Marriage records show that she married Edward Lee Martin Clapp in 1869. The 1860 Lafayette census shows her being age 11 and apparently the daughter of Jacob and Ellen Huffman. In the 1870 Medina census she is married and age 19 which would make her around 20 years old when she died.)

Infant child of A.H., died March 1, 1906
(Medina County Gazette, March 9, 1906 edition, page 7; “interment in the Spitzer cemetery”)

Nancy, died October 7, 1906, aged 71 years
(Medina County Gazette, October 12, 1906 edition, page 8; buried “Spitzer’s Cemetery”. Her death record refers to her as Vina Ludlow.)

Harriet, wife of Joseph, died September 14, 1905, aged 76 years
(Her death record and the register at the County Home give the above information. The Medina County Gazette, September 22, 1905 edition, page 8 states that a Mrs. Joseph Flemming died September 16, 1905 at the infirmary, aged 82 years. All three sources refer to the same woman but none give her place of burial. Given that her husband is buried here it is probable that she is here as well.)

Joseph, Jan. 11, 1824 – June 2, 1910
(buried “Spitzer’s Laf. Twp.”; from his death certificate and Longacre funeral home records.)

Charles, Apr. 25, 1864 – Jan. 24, 1922
(buried “Spitzer Cem.”; from death certificate. Longacre funeral home records also confirm his burial here and even provide specifics about the location. They read: “Northwest corner about 20 foot from fence south & about 10 feet from west fence.” )

Moved elsewhere?

Lydia R., daughter of Matthew & Eveline, died July 10, 1835, aged 1y 4m 3d

(Matthew Leffingwell and his wife settled in Lafayette Township in 1834. They moved to Litchfield Township in 1854 and it is in Litchfield Cemetery where we find Matthew, his wife Eveline, and their daughter Lydia mentioned on a headstone. When his daughter Lydia died in 1835 she must have been buried in Lafayette Township. Matthew’s name appears as one of the original members of the Chippeway Cemetery Association so it would not be a stretch to assume that this was the cemetery where she was laid to rest. The section of the cemetery in Litchfield where her parents are buried wasn’t even purchased until 1858 – over twenty years after she died. The only question is whether or not her body was reinterred later at Litchfield Cemetery. There is no headstone for her at Spitzer Cemetery but, if she was originally laid to rest here, that would make her the earliest known burial.)

Clarinda I., wife of Roswell, died May 20, 1870, aged 58 yrs
Laurie A., daughter of R & C.I., died Mar. 18, 1871, aged 22 yrs

(Roswell Williams and his wife settled in Lafayette Township during the 1830’s. They never left as evidenced by their presence in the 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870 Lafayette censuses. Currently his wife and child have their names engraved on a tombstone in Chatham Cemetery in neighboring Chatham Township but the section where they are buried was not even purchased until 1871 and laid out until the following year. They must have been buried elsewhere originally. Roswell’s name appears as one of the original members of the Chippeway Cemetery Association so it is certainly possible that they were buried in this cemetery and later moved. No other members of the Williams family are known to be interred in Spitzer cemetery today.)

Charles, died Mar. 1, 1873, aged 70ys 2ms 11ds

(Charles Childs and his wife settled in Lafayette Township during the 1830’s. They remained in this township as they can be found in the 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses for Lafayette. Charles and Sally Childs have their names engraved on an older looking obelisk in Medina’s Spring Grove Cemetery but that cemetery did not exist until a decade after Charles died. Records for Spring Grove Cemetery show that Charles was moved to that cemetery in 1894 but do not indicate where he was moved from. Charles is listed as one of the original members of the Chippeway Cemetery Association so it seems that the old obelisk might have once stood here in Spitzer cemetery.)