These are the remaining headstones:

Sophrona, dau. of A & P, died May 4, 1856?, AE. 20y 3m 23d

H., died May 19, 1849, AE. 35 yrs
Naomi, wife of Henry, died Feb. 9, 1849, AE. 32 yrs

Hannah, wife of Moses Sr., died Aug. 26, 1847, aged 64 yrs

Moses Sr., died Nov. 29, 1856, aged 89y 9m 2d

Amsa, died March 24, 1859, aged 73 years
Cloe, his wife, died Dec. 25, 1848, aged 59 years

Sally, daughter of Amsa & Cloe, died Mar. 16, 1851, aged 21 years
Marinda, died March 23, (1851)*, AE. 23 years 3mo & 21ds

* – no year is given but it can be assumed it is 1851 given that it is on the same stone as Sally.

Daniel R., died Jan. 4, 1851, AE. 55y 1m 14d

Unknown sandstone marker

The following individuals are also known to be buried here…

Thomas, son of Amasa & Cloe, died Feb. 14, 1845, aged 19y 6m 19d

(The MCGS book mentions this headstone in its listings but it cannot be located now.)

Polly, wife of Alfred, died Jan. 20, 1853, aged 40y 1m 11d

She is listed in Winifred Wolcott’s inscription listings. The stone is no longer to be found at the site although the top part (reading `Polly, wife of Alfred Phelps’) is in the possession of the York Twp. Historical Society. It was found in a barn on a farm in York township near Lester cemetery.

Chloe, dau. of D & R, died ?????, 18?7 (appears to be 1847) AE. 1y

Wolcott listed this in her inscriptions as an early Montville township burial. She listed White as a known surname of this cemetery. The child’s parents are likely Daniel White and Rachel Smith (married February 24, 1836 per Medina County marriage records).

Fanny, wife of Thomas M., 1801-1823

Wolcott listed Currier among her surnames for the cemetery and this name was given as a burial here. No headstone can be found for her now.

Mary, infant daughter of Moses Jr. and Mary, died aged 3 months

Her parents married May 6, 1841 (per Medina County marriage records). She was the first of three children born to them of which the youngest, Winthrop Hill, was born in 1846. She is now listed on the tombstone of her parents in Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina, Ohio. That cemetery was not in existence at the time of her death – sometime in the 1840’s – so she was almost certainly buried here. Records for Spring Grove show no mention of the child. Her parents are buried in Section 2, Lot 68.