Row 1
Clarence, died Sep. 19, 1852, aged 16 m’s & 7d

(He has another headstone at Westfield Center Cemetery. He was likely buried at Wolcott cemetery originally as he is the grandson of William Wolcott. Clarence is the son of William’s daughter Olive Maria and her first husband, Parker Holt. The family was being buried on William’s property in the family cemetery during the time when Clarence died. When the family cemetery ceased to be used and the bodies were reinterred in Westfield Center Cemetery, he was moved there. The records do show him buried on that lot. He is probably only mentioned on this marker with his mother as a cenotaph. This lot is owned by Olive’s second husband, Theron Hamilton, and looks as though it wasn’t even used prior to 1880.)

Olive M., wife of T., died Aug. 25, 1881, aged 59 y’rs 3m’s & 7d’s, mother
Mary E., dau. of T & E, died June 22, 1880, aged 21y’s 4m & 6d

Theron, died September 10, 1890, aged 80 years

(Medina County Gazette, Sept. 19, 1890 edition, pg. 1 – gives the above information and indicates that his body was taken to Westfield for burial. Presumably he is buried here with his wife and daughter.)

Viletta L., 1820-1893
Joshua R., died Jan. 10, 1860, AE. 50 yrs “J.R.W.”
Olive, wife of J., died Jan. 2, 1848, AE. 79 yrs “O.W.”
Joseph, died June 25, 1862, AE. 96 yrs

Row 2
Anna, wife of Martin, died Aug. 11, 1852, AE. 53y’s 4m “A.B.”

“B.J.P.” (This footstone goes with a tombstone base that is missing its headstone.)

Seth, 1818-1909
Lucy, 1840-1878
John, infant
Susan, 1821-1856

Broken stone reads only “died (broken off), aged 32ys 8ms & 22ds”

Hiram, died ????? 3th, aged ????

Nancy L., daughter of James & Tamer, died June 22nd, 1836, aged 21 years “N.L.A.”

J., died Dec. 26, 1846, ag’d 75 yrs

Tamar, died Jan. 14, 1856, aged 83 yrs 9ms & 9ds

Leonard, died Dec. 10, 1857, aged 62ys 7ms 4ds

Polly B., 1809-1899

Louisa M., daughter of A & R, died Aug. 14, 1838, AE. 11 yrs
(She has another headstone at Westfield Center Cemetery.)

Row 3
Mary, daughter of T & M, died Oct. 4, 1845, aged 16 yrs 10mos 3ds  “M.N.”

Timothy, died July 5, 1846, aged 65 yrs 10mos 3ds

Timothy R., died Aug. 17, 1856, aged 55 years

James, died Oct. 9, 1831, AE. 33 yrs 1mo 19dys

Joseph, died June 22, 1856, AE. 64y 7m 11d
Rebecca, wife of Joseph, died Jan. 14, 1832, AE. 32y 8m 27d
Betsey, wife of Joseph, died Oct. 9, 1854, AE. 44y 6m 7d
Mary A., daughter of J & B, died Sep. 19, 1854, AE. 2y 8m 9d
Michael A., son of J & B, died Oct. 15, 1854, AE. 10y 1m 9d

Luther B., died Sept. 1839, AE. 2 yrs
Permelia, died Oct. 3, 1834, AE. 16 mos

Wm. J., died Sept. 1839, AE. 4 yrs
Clarissa J., died Sept. 1839, AE. 16 mos

Elijah, died Jan. 27, 1851, aged 66 yrs & 4ms
Lydia, his wife, died Oct. 10, 1856, aged 61ys 6ms 17ds
Cyrus, son of E & L, died Nov. 5, 1854, aged 19ys 4ms 5ds
George C., son of E & L, died Nov. 22, 1859, aged 32 yrs 9mos 15d
Son & dau. of E & L:
Alonzo, died May 30, 1844, AE. 27ys 4ms & 5ds
Jane B., died Sept. 11, 1835, AE. 14ys 6ms & 23ds

Row 4
Elizabeth A., dau. of S & E, died Dec. 15, 1853, AE. 16ys 6m 11d

Freddy, son of F.A. & L.F., born Dec. 6, 1877, died Aug. 18, 1879

Molly, wife of Enoch, died July 25, 1830, AE. 61

Sophia, dau. of Enoch & Molly, died Sep. 29, 1830, AE. 31

Calvin S., son of C & S.C., died Feb. 16, 1836, aged 3ys 3ms 3ds

Row 5
Joseph F., son of E.C. & S, died Feb. 26, 1845, aged 2 yrs 11mos 20ds