Rows run from north to south; starting on the west side.

Row 1
Nathan B., died May 6, 1864 in the 35 year of his age

Chester D., died Dec. 7, 1861, aged 28ys 8mo

Row 2

There are no known burials in this row.

Row 3
Joseph B., son of D.B. & D, died May 25, 1865, aged 11 y’rs 9m’s 15d

Delia Briggs, wife of D.B., died Jan. 24, 1875, aged 50ys 6ms & 8ds, “Our Mother”

Sidney L., son of Morris and Releaf, Jan. 1, 1833 – Dec. 18, 1852

Adna W., son of A.E. & L.F., June 15 – Aug. 7, 1886

* – Adna’s name appears on his parents’ headstone at Spring Grove Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 62) but cemetery records confirm that his body was never moved there. The initials for his father clearly read ‘A.E.’ on the headstone but we know that is father is one Benjamin E. Potter.

Row 4
Joseph, died July 21, 1843, AE 78 y’rs
Charretty, wife of J., died Dec. 26, 1851, AE 82 y’rs
Nancy, died Aug. 22, 1824, AE 78 yrs
Jeremiah, died Jan. 30, 1836, AE 56ys

Nira B., died Sept. 27, 1878, aged 87 yrs
Abigail, his wife, died Sept. 25, 1876, aged 79 yrs
Powell P., died Sept. 1, 1874, aged 43 yrs

The four individuals listed below are all now buried at Spring Grove Cemetery in Section 9, Lot 18. That lot was purchased by L.B. Nettleton on October 7, 1904 and cemetery records show that Aushia, Julia, and Fally were all removed from somewhere else and moved to Spring Grove in 1907. There is no evidence connecting them with the Old Medina Cemetery – though that is also certainly a possibility for their original burial place. More likely is that they were buried in the Northrop Cemetery. Lewis B. Nettleton owned the east half of Lot 56 for many years and the Nettletons are related to the Northrops by marriage. Burial here makes a great deal of sense and might even explain the empty row (Row 2).

Aushia J., 1847-1864
Lewis B., 1807-1904
Julia B., 1805-1883

Fally, 1772-1868