The tombstones are scattered and not listed in any particular order.

Jane, wife of John, died Apr. 4, 1856, AE. 33y 9m 5d
Edward, died Jan. 27, 1856, AE. 4m 4ds

George, died Mar. 28, 1892, aged 70y 7m & 21d

Lovina, wife of John, died Sept. 14, 1854, aged 54 yrs

Dolly A., daughter of J & L, died May 10, 1846, aged 2 yrs 5ms 24ds

Francis, died Mar. 9, 1861, AE. 47 years
Francis D., son of F & E, died Feb. 25, 1862, AE. 1yr & 5ms

Sarah C., daughter of F & E, died Feb. 25, 1851, aged 3 years 4 mos

Artemas B., died April 14, 1858, aged 34 yrs 9 mos

Charles Scott, son of A.B. & L.L., died June 5, 1853, aged 3 yrs 4ms
(The names of both he and his father (see above) appear on a headstone in Chatham Cemetery in Chatham, Ohio. Cemetery records confirm that both of them are buried there in Plat 3, Lot 87. They were likely moved between 1871 (the year that plat was laid out) and 1885 (when Artemas’ wife Louisa died). She had purchased the lot in Chatham.)

Solomon, died Dec. 18, 18??, aged 80 yrs

Lodema, wife of Solomon, died April 14, 1863, AE. 89 yrs 9mo 2ds

Dolly, wife of Oliver, died Apr. 12, 1861, aged 48yrs 7ms 22ds

Reuben H., son of O & D, died Oct. 20, 1850, aged 4 yrs 8 mos 14ds
Amelia A., daughter of O & D, died Nov. 9, 1850, aged 7 yrs 10 mos 21ds

Rhoda, daughter of Lent & Catharine, died April 13, 1845, aged 23 years 4m’s & 21d’s

Benj., died Nov. 20, 1854, AE. 91y 8m 8ds

Hanna, wife of Benj., died Apr. 6, 1853, aged 89y

Sarah, wife of T., died May 6, 1847, aged 49 yrs

Barnabas Peter, son of O.H. & S, died June 8, 1853, aged 6 yrs 1mo 12ds

Shubel, died Mar. 25, 1846, AE. 80 yrs
Polly, his wife, died Sep. 6, 1839, AE. 58 yrs

Robert, died Oct. 16, 1848, aged 36ys 1mo 27d “R.C.”

Lovisa, died Apr. 27, 1836, AE. 17 yrs

Elizabeth, wife of H.G., died Apr. 27, 1850, aged 28 yrs

Louisa, wife of H.G., died Jan. 2, 1851, aged 29ys 5mos 2ds

C.M., died Jan. 31, 1851, aged 74 yrs “C.M.P.”

Thankful B., wife of C.M., died Feb. 27, 1840, aged 57 yrs “T.B.P.”

C.D., died Apr. 14, 1883, aged 83 y’rs 5m
Children of C.D. & J.:
Roxy, died Aug. 12, 1864, age 2 y’rs
Jane, died Aug. 13, 1864, age 10 y’rs
Olly, died Sep. 17, 1864, age 7 y’rs

Lucy A., daughter of Wm. & L, died Nov. 22, 1846, aged 7mos 11ds

Deborah, wife of N., died Nov. 15, 1840, aged 87 yrs

Phebe L., dau. of J.W. & E.E., Feb. 11, 1863 – Feb. 5, 1869

Rolland, son of J.W. & E.E., Sept. 2, 1864 – July 12, 1872

J.W., Co F 6 Ohio Cav., 1836-1874

Children of J & P:
Stutely T., died Feb. 19, 1861, aged 20ys 6mo 15ds
Nancy D., died Jan. 1, 1861, aged 17ys 3mo 15ds

Emily A., wife of H.E., died Jan. 17, 1862, aged 24yrs 9mo 4d

Harriet R., dau. of T.C. & Esther, died July 1, 1857, AE 13y 5m

Frank, son of S.E. & S, died Dec. 10, 1861, aged 3ys 5ms 9d
(He has another headstone at Litchfield Cemetery in Litchfield Township. His parents moved to Litchfield from Lafayette in 1868 and he was likely moved there sometime afterward.)

Armina H., daughter of C & A, died Dec. 26, 1863, aged 15y 8m 11d

Asenah, wife of Chas., died Jan. 31, 1861, aged 43ys 11ds

Rhoda, wife of I., died Mar. 16, 1865, aged 84ys 1mo 18ds

Ichabod, died Mar. 16, 1851, aged 74yrs 17ds “I.B.”

Levi, died Mar 11, 1845, aged 63ys 9ms 14ds “LEVI”
Sally, wife of Levi, died Nov. 28, 1853, aged 71y 7m 6?d “SALLY”

Sophia G., wife of J.B., born May 10, 1827, died Dec. 9, 1903 “MOTHER”
Frank D., son of J.B. & S.G., born Oct. 17, 1850, died Sep. 17?, 1859 “FRANK D.”
J.B., born Mar. 24, 1811, died Apr. 2, 1888 “FATHER”
Anna, wife of J.B., died Nov. 26, 1846, aged 35 yrs “ANNA”
Serena B., wife of J.B., died Aug. 1, 1848, aged 34 yrs “SERENA B.”

Henry, died May 7, 1850, aged 75ys “H.T.”

Isaac, died July 20, 1852, aged 33 yrs 9mos 13ds

Flora E., daughter of I & A, died Dec., 1849, AE. 2 yrs 6mo 16ds

Amasa, died May 3, 1857, aged 48ys
Marinda A., died March 19, 1857, age 7ys 5ms 20ds

Edna H., daughter of A.J. & M.A., died Mar. 15, 1854, AE. 2y 8m 23d

Susan J., daughter of N & A, died March 10, 1845, aged 4 yrs 9 mos & 10ds “S.J.Y.”

Harriet, wife of Wm. F., died July 20, 1854, aged 38 yrs

The following individuals are known or speculated to be buried here based on the provided evidence:

Orlando H., June 15, 1810 – ???
Samantha Phinney, his wife, 1819 – May 23, 1895

Orlando and his wife lived on the farm on the north side of the cemetery from 1837 until 1890. Samantha’s obituary (Medina County Gazette, June 6, 1895, pg. 6) indicates that “her remains were taken to Lafayette, Medina County for burial.” Orlando was still living at the time and, while no specific information has been located on his date of death or burial, there is certainly a strong likelihood that both of them are buried in this cemetery. (Additional information: Perrin, Battle and Goodspeed, History of Medina County, pgs. 834-835.)

Susan, died November 1, 1893, aged 85 years

The November 9, 1893 issue of the Medina County Gazette (pg. 1) makes mention of a Mrs. Susan Lowers who died and was buried in the Crush cemetery. Note the spelling of her last name. Her death record provides the exact date and matching age but gives her last name as `Sowers’. She married a Samuel Sowers on December 3, 1878 in Lorain County, Ohio and can be found in the 1880 Amherst, Lorain County census as well.

Jonathan, died June 15, 1870, aged 84y 10m

The June 24, 1870 issue of the Medina County Gazette provides the above information but tells nothing about his place of burial. He was a War of 1812 veteran and was living in Lafayette township with his wife and kids at the time of his death. Two of his children were buried in Crush cemetery just nine years prior to his passing and another son four years afterwards so this would appear to be a likely choice for his final resting place as well. (Additional information: Perrin, Battle and Goodspeed, History of Medina County, pg. 858.)

Third child of J.W. & E.E.

The May 7, 1926 issue of the Gazette carries the obituary for Mrs. E.E. Wyatt. Tombstones mark the graves for her husband and two children in this cemetery but the obituary mentions another: “Her husband and three little children now lie in the Chase or Crush burying ground near Lodi.” Marriage records show Joel W. Wyatt married E.E. Prentice on October 7, 1861 and we know that Joel was deceased by 1874. This child would have passed around that time period.