The following individuals were all residents of the County Home at one time or another and are all known to have been buried in the Medina County Home Cemetery from information obtained from their death certificates. Additional information was obtained from the Medina County Home Register Book. The articles and information included here are not done to sensationalize but to help show and understand how these folks came to be buried here.

1831 – June 16, 1909 “Infirmary graveyard”

Admitted August 9, 1900 as “Incapable”
Single white male; farmer; born in the United States
Cause of death: apoplexy; interred June 17, 1909

1831 – June 27, 1909 “Infirmary cemetery”

Admitted January 9, 1891 as “Destitute”
Single white female; no occupation; born in Wales
Cause of death: dropsy – “died suddenly within five minutes”; interred June 29, 1909

died Oct. 4, 1909, aged 78 years “Infirmary graveyard”

Admitted September 27, 1906 with “Paralysis”
Married white female; housewife; born in Ohio
Cause of death: exhaustion and acute cold; contributory cause: chronic diffused meninges encephalitis; interred October 6, 1909

1830 – Nov. 6, 1909 “Infirmary cemetery”

Admitted August 24, 1905 due to “Old Age”
Single white male; doctor; born in United States
Cause of death: stomach cancer; interred November 9, 1909

1853 – May 24, 1910 “Infirmary cem., Laf., Ohio”

Admitted May 16, 1910 as “Sick”
Single white male; day laborer; born in Scotland
Cause of death: blood poisoning; contributory cause: abscess; interred May 25, 1910

1854 – June 6, 1910 “Infirmary cem.”

Admitted April 11, 1885 as “Feebleminded”
Single white female; servant; born in Ohio
Cause of death: ?persinditis?; contributory cause: dropsy; interred June 7, 1910

1841 – March 28, 1911 “Infirmary”

Admitted March 24, 1910 as “Sick”
Single white male; farm laborer; born in Ohio
Cause of death: pneumonia; contributory cause: organic heart disease; interred March 29, 1911

died Jan. 16, 1912, aged 47 years “Infirmary”

Admitted October 31, 1911 being “Out of Funds”
Single white female; unknown occupation; born in Ohio
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis; interred January 18, 1912

1836 – Aug. 8, 1912 “Infirmary cemetery”

Admitted December 21, 1905 due to “Old Age”
Married white male; railroad laborer; born in England
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis; interred August 10, 1912
Longacre Funeral Home records spell his name `Beer’; give his date of death as August 9

died Nov. 12, 1912, aged 75 years “Lafayette Tp. Infirmary”

Admitted May 1, 1871 being “Insane”
Single white male; no occupation; born in Germany
Cause of death: arterial nephritis; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred November 13, 1912

1849 – June 24, 1913 “Medina Co. Infirmary”

Admitted March 6, 1913 as “Sick”
Single white male (married in register); laborer; birthplace unknown
Cause of death: acute nephritis; contributory cause: labor pneumonia; interred June 24, 1913
Longacre Funeral Home records give his first name as `Lewis’, date of death as June 25

1839 – July 28, 1914 “County Infirmary”

Admitted July 7, 1914 as “Sick”
Widowed white male; laborer; born in Sweden
Cause of death: uremia; contributory cause: uremic poisoning; interred July 29, 1914
July 31, 1914 Medina County Gazette (pg. 8) refers to him as William O. Deahl

Feb. 14, 1853 – Feb. 4, 1915 “County Inf. Grounds”

Admitted November 20, 1876 as “Feebleminded”
Single white female; housekeeper; born in Montville Twp., Ohio
Cause of death: apoplexy; interred February 5, 1915

1838 – Apr. 25, 1915 “Lafayette, Ohio”

Admitted August 16, 1907 being “Destitute/Feeble-minded”
Single white female; servant; born in Ohio
Cause of death: asthma; interred April 27, 1915
Longacre Funeral Home records confirm her burial on `Inf. Grounds’ and infirmary superintendent John Ewing is the informant on her death certificate

1841 – June 2, 1915 “Lafayette Infirmary”

Admitted July 11, 1912 due to “Old Age”
Single white male; no occupation; born in Ireland
Cause of death: stomach cancer; interred June 3, 1915

died Aug. 9, 1915, aged 65y “County Infirmary”

Admitted July 6, 1915 being “Sick”
Single white male; retired; born in Ohio
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis; interred August 9, 1915

died Nov. 9, 1915, aged about 70 years “Medina Infirmary”

Admitted November 9, 1915 being “Paralyzed”
Widowed white male; repaired sewing machines; unknown birthplace
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: apoplexia; interred November 12, 1915

1844 – July 15, 1916 “Infirmary Cem.”

Admitted June 19, 1916 being “Sick”
Single white male; coalminer; born in England
Cause of death: stomach cancer; interred July 15, 1916

1837 – July 21, 1916 “Co. Infirmary”

Admitted March 13, 1907 due to “Old Age”; dismissed October 15, 1907
Admitted January 7, 1909 being “Sick”; dismissed January 29, 1909
Widowed white male; farmer; born in England
Cause of death: hip fracture; interred July 21, 1916

Apr. 21, 1830 – Dec. 24, 1916 “Medina Infirmary”

Name not found in register
Widowed white male; coalminer; born in England
Cause of death: gallstones; contributory cause: “liver trouble”; interred December 26, 1916

1842 – Apr. 3, 1917 “Infirmary”

Admitted June 8, 1916 being “Sick”
Single white male; day laborer; born in United States
Cause of death: blood clot in the brain; contributory cause: cerebral apoplexia; interred April 4, 1917

1864 – May 13, 1917 “Medina Infirmary”

Admitted January 7, 1916 being “Sick”
Single white male; farmer; born in Germany
Cause of death: pulmonary tuberculosis; interred May 15, 1917

1832 – May 28, 1917 “Medina Infirmary”

Admitted May 26, 1917 being “Sick”
Divorced white male; stone mason; born in Germany
Cause of death: endocarditis; contributory cause: heart trouble; interred May 29, 1917

1858 – June 24, 1917 “Medina Infirmary”

Admitted January 23, 1915 being “Sick, Unable to Work”
Single white male; day laborer; born in Ohio
Cause of death: brain hemorrhage; contributory cause: apoplexia; interred June 25, 1917

1858 – Nov. 20, 1918 “Co. Infirmary”

Admitted March 31, 1918 being “Sick”
Single white male; laborer; born in Ohio
Cause of death: asthma; contributory cause: dilation of heart; interred November 21, 1918

July 9, 1850 – Dec. 16, 1918 “Co. Infirmary”

Admitted December 17, 1909 with “Sickness”
Single white male; Cause of death: cerebral paralysis
Interred December 19, 1918

died Mar. 4, 1919, aged 47y “Medina Co. Infirmary”

Admitted June 28, 1918 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; day laborer; born in Austria
Cause of death: cancer, contributory cause: dropsy of abdomen; interred March 4, 1919
Longacre Funeral Home records list him as `Louie Thadich’ as does the March 7, 1919 edition of the Medina Sentinel

1840 – Oct. 20, 1919 “Lafayette Tp., County Infirmary”

Admitted August 25, 1919 being “Sick”
Married white male; tramp/vagrant; born in Ohio
Cause of death: Bright’s disease of the kidneys; interred October 21, 1919

died July 8, 1920, aged 50y “Infirmary Cemetery”

Admitted April 8, 1918 being “Sick”; dismissed on April 22, 1918
Single white male; working on the farm of A.B. Schock on Lake Road for last two years; born in Ohio
Died from an epileptic convulsion which caused him to fall from a straw stack; ending up face down in straw and manure and evidently smothered; interred July 10, 1920

Sep. 3, 1853 – Feb. 12, 1922 “Co. Home Cemetery”

Admitted June 27, 1921 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; railroad engineer; born in Cambridge, Ohio
Cause of death: syphilis; interred February 13, 1922

died Dec. 12, 1922, aged 83y 7m 17d “County Home Cemetery”

Admitted May 12, 1917 due to “Old Age”
Single white male; farm laborer; born in Pennsylvania
Cause of death: rupture of the intestines; contributory cause: hernia; interred December 14, 1922

wife of Lemuel, Apr. 12, 1864 – Mar. 18, 1924 “Medina Co. Farm Cem.”

Admitted July 8, 1916 having “No Home”
Married white female; housewife; born in Ohio
Died from burns due to igniting her own clothing on fire – suicide; death came within five hours
Contributory cause: feeble mindedness; interred March 20, 1924

Sep. 30, 1844 – Aug. 7, 1924 “County Farm Cemetery”

Admitted August 23, 1919 having “No Home” being a tramp/vagrant; dismissed on March 20, 1920
Re-admitted April 4, 1921 being “Sick & Crazy”
Widowed white male; carpenter; born in Orangeville, Ohio
Cause of death: apoplexy; contributory cause: senility; interred August 9, 1926

died Aug. 22, 1925, aged about 45 years “Medina Co. Cem”

Admitted August 21, 1925 being “Sick”
Serbian male; unemployed; born in Austria
Died at Lodi Hospital from bronchia pneumonia; contributory cause: influenza; interred August 24, 1925
The mayor of the village of Lodi at the time, E.A. Rowland, is the informant on his death certificate.

1872 – Sep. 12, 1925 “County Cem.”

Admitted June 17, 1925 being “Sick”
Divorced black male; teamster; born in North Carolina
Died from complications of diabetes; interred September 14, 1925
Medina County Gazette, September 18, 1925 (page 8) refers to him as Amos Watkins

1849 – July 9, 1926 “Medina Co. Home”

Admitted February 13, 1926 as `Frank Howard’ being “Sick” and a tramp/vagrant
Single white male; laborer; born in England
Cause of death: chronic Bright’s disease; interred July 10, 1926

Mar. 31, 1855 – Nov. 15, 1927 “Medina County Home”

Admitted October 5, 1920 being “Sick”; dismissed April 2, 1921
Readmitted January 29, 1927 with “Sickness”
Single white male; laborer; born in Tremont, Pennsylvania
Cause of death: chronic nephritis; interred November 18, 1927
Medina County Gazette, November 25, 1927 (page 6) refers to him as Elmer Browee

June 4, 1863 – May 8, 1928 “Infirmary cemetery”

Admitted February 19, 1907 with “Intemperance”
Single white male; saloon/coalminer; born in England
Cause of death: spasmodic asthma, exhaustion; interred May 9, 1929

June 25, 1851 – July 19, 1928 “County Cem”

Admitted February 18, 1914 having “No Home”
Single white male; farmer; born in Germany
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; interred July 21, 1928

May 25, 1852 – Aug. 21, 1928 “County Cem”

Admitted August 12, 1921 being “Old & Infirm”
Single white male (married in register); farmer; born in Liverpool Twp., Medina County, Ohio
Cause of death: chronic pancreahymatosis, nephritis, mitral regurgitation
Contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred August 22, 1928

Feb. 17, 1858 – Aug. 30, 1929 “County Home cemetery”

Admitted May 16, 1927 being “Paralytic” and a tramp/vagrant
Widowed white male; salesman; born in Hancock, Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred September 4, 1929

died Nov. 5, 1930, aged 65 years “County Home”

Admitted March 28, 1930 with “Cancer”
Single white male; laborer; born in Scotland
Died at Lodi hospital from cancer of the esophagus; interred November 6, 1930

died Nov. 15, 1931, aged 42 years “Medina Co. Home Cem.”

Admitted November 6, 1931 being “Sick”
Married white male; gardener; born in Scotland
Died from tertiary syphilis; interred November 17, 1931

died Oct. 17, 1932, aged about 55 years “County Home”

Admitted June 1, 1932 being “Sick & Ugly”
Married white male; steel mill worker; born in Hungary
Cause of death: cerebral thrombosis; contributory cause: myocardial degeneration, chronic nephritis
Interred October 22, 1932

Apr. 7, 1854 – Oct. 22, 1932 “County Home”

Admitted December 24, 1928 due to “Old Age”
Widowed white male; farmer; born in Toledo, Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral thrombosis; contributory cause: chronic myocardial degeneration, chronic nephritis
Interred October 27, 1932

died Nov. 27, 1932, aged 65y “Medina Co. Home”

Admitted December 12, 1931 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; farmer; birthplace unknown
Cause of death: broncho-pneumonia; interred December 1, 1932

died Dec. 7, 1933, about 70 years “Medina Co. Home Cemetery”

Admitted December 6, 1933 being “Sick, Cancer”
Single black male; transient/day-worker; born in Elyria, Ohio
Died from stomach cancer; interred December 14, 1933

died Mar. 7, 1934, aged 59 years “Co. Home Cemetery”

Admitted March 1, 1934 with “Paralysis”
Single white male; laborer; born in Hungary
Cause of death: apoplexy; interred March 9, 1934
Medina County Gazette, March 9, 1934 (page 6, 8) refer to him as Cenek Valyai

May 4, 1871 – Feb. 23, 1935 “C. Infirmary”

Admitted December 10, 1933 with “Arterial Sclerosis”; dismissed February 8, 1934
Readmitted January 11, 1935 reason given as “Malignant”
Single white male; tramp/vagrant; born in Hungary
Cause of death: carcinoma of the liver; contributory cause: ascites; interred February 25, 1935

July 28, 1858 – Aug. 15, 1935 “County Infirmary”

Admitted December 11, 1934 with “Diabetes”
Single white male; farmer; born in Rollersville, Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: hypertension, nephritis; interred August 15, 1935
Medina County Gazette, August 16, 1935 (page 1) refers to him as Henry Crealey

died June 5, 1936, aged 86 years “County Home”

Admitted December 21, 1898 being “Feebleminded”
Single white female; no occupation; born in Ohio
Died from carcinoma of the uterus; interred June 8, 1936

died October 7, 1936, aged about 72y “Co. Home”

Admitted September 17, 1934 as “Mental”
White male; farmer/tramp/vagrant; born in Russia
Died of cancer of the stomach; interred October 13, 1936

died July 30, 1937, aged 82y 10m 15d “County Home”

Admitted November 19, 1930 as “Infirm”
Divorced white male (widowed in register); farmer; born in Pennsylvania
Cause of death: mitral regurgitation & chronic pancreahymotosis, nephritis
Contributory cause: age; interred August 2, 1937

Mar. 11, 1862 – Mar. 6, 1938 “County Cem.”

Admitted May 8, 1929 being “Paralytic”
Widowed white male; traveling sideshow; born in Plattsburg, England
Cause of death: chronic pancreahymotosis, nephritis; contributory cause: alcoholism; interred March 9, 1938

May 18, 1875 – Sept. 19, 1938 “Infirmary Cemetery”

Admitted April 6, 1934 with “Gangrene in leg”
Single white male (married in register); farmer; born in Hungary
Cause of death: arterial sclerosis; contributory cause: myocarditis; interred September 22, 1938

died Mar. 23, 1939, aged 89 years “County Cem.”

Admitted March 16, 1939 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; locomotive engineer; born in Trumbull County, Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: age & arteriosclerosis; interred March 25, 1939
Medina County Gazette, March 31, 1939 (page 8) gives his first name as Thorn

Jan. 2, 1864 – Aug. 6, 1940 “Medina Co. Cemetery”

Admitted March 26, 1928 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; farmer; born in Austinburg, Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred August 8, 1940

July 31, 1861 – May 19, 1941 “Infirmary cemetery”

Admitted November 19, 1909 with “Sickness”; dismissed December 7, 1909
Readmitted February 5, 1910 with “Sickness”; dismissed April 15, 1910
Readmitted August 26, 1911 being “Feeble-minded”; dismissed (not given)
Readmitted February 6, 1913 being “Sick”; dismissed March 24, 1913
Readmitted March 30, 1913 being “Sick”; dismissed (not given)
Readmitted February 11, 1930 having “No Home” being a tramp/vagrant
Widowed white male; laborer; born in Hudson, Ohio
Cause of death: arterial sclerosis; contributory cause: old age; interred May 21, 1941
Medina County Gazette, May 20, 1941 (pgs. 1, 8) says that he was buried in Spring Grove Cemetery but records for that cemetery show no record of him being there.

wife of John, Apr. 10, 1870 – Sep. 23, 1941 “Co. Cem.”

Admitted September 5, 1941 with “Sickness”
Widowed white female; housekeeper; born in Ridgeville, Lorain County, Ohio
Died of an internal hemorrhage (possibly from a carcinomatic gall bladder); interred September 25, 1941

1845 – Mar. 9, 1942 “Medina Co. Cemetery”

Admitted October 28, 1876 being “Feebleminded”
Single white female; no occupation; born in Ohio
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred March 11, 1942

wife of John, Feb. 14, 1862 – Mar. 9, 1942 “County Cem.”

Admitted February 23, 1934 being “Old & Deformed”
Married white female; housewife; born in Scotland
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred March 13, 1942

1883 – June 2, 1943 “Medina Co. Cemetery”

Admitted February 19, 1938 being “Sick”; dismissed February 6, 1943
Single white male; gardener; born in Hungary
Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; contributory cause: arteriosclerosis; interred June 5, 1943

died Aug. 20, 1943, aged 63y “County Cem.”

Admitted June 28, 1943 with “Cancer”
Single white male; farmer; born in Germany
Cause of death: starvation
Contributory cause: cancer and other malignant tumors in (???) cavity and pharynx; interred August 20, 1943

died Oct. 3, 1943, aged 63 years “Co. Home Cem.”

Admitted August 5, 1943 being “Sick”
Widowed white male; farmer; born in Indiana
Cause of death: asphyxia – hanging
Contributory cause: demented
Committed suicide by hanging himself at the County Home; interred October 4, 1943

Feb. 22, 1882 – Feb. 16, 1947 “Medina Infirmary”

Admitted February 22, 1934 being “Feeble Minded”
Single white male; farmer; born in Hinckley, Ohio
Cause of death: carcinoma of the liver; interred February 18, 1947

born May 31, 1849, died December 27, 1947 “County Home Cemetery”

Admitted October 21, 1934 due to “Old Age”
Widowed white male; farmwork; born in Sharon Twp., Medina County, Ohio
Died from exhaustion; interred December 30, 1947


died Jan. 14, 1926, aged 75 years “County Farm Cem.”

Admitted January 3, 1926 having “Senile debility”
Single black male; laborer; born in Virginia
Cause of death: arteriosclerosis
Interred January 15, 1926

He was buried in the County Home Cemetery but his body was later “removed by colored people to Wadsworth” – as stated in the County Home register. Indeed, records for Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, Ohio indicate he was reinterred there on March 12, 1926 in Section 17, Lot 11 north, grave 1. He has no headstone.


died Oct. 26, 1914, aged about 65 years “Infirmary”

Admitted September 28, 1914 due to “Old Age”
Single white male; unknown occupation; born in Pennsylvania
Died from stomach cancer; interred October 27, 1914
The County Home register refers to him as Solomon Bennyhoff as does his obituary (Medina Gazette, October 30, 1914, page 10).

Oct. 13, 1848 – Dec. 23, 1922 “County Home (Lafayette)”

Admitted September 28, 1914 due to “Old Age”
Single white male; housework; born in Pennsylvania
Cause of death: burns of the back and anus; contributory cause: gangrene; interred December 24, 1922


Some of them were born at the County Home and would die there soon after. Others were the children of unfortunate parents whose negligence – or worse – would lead them to an early grave. All of the following children are known to be buried in the County Home cemetery based on information provided by their death certificates. Additional information has been obtained from the County Home Register and other sources as indicated:

daughter of Mary Sherman, Jan. 14, 1911 – Jan. 20, 1911 “Infirmary cemetery”

Her mother Mary was admitted to the County Home on January 25, 1902 being “Cripple”.
Mary was a single white female, aged 26 years at the time
The child’s father is unknown.

Edna: infant white female; born at the County Home
Cause of death: choking; contributory cause: strangling; interred January 21, 1911

BABY’S SUSPICIOUS DEATH at County Infirmary Leads to Investigation by the Authorities
(Medina County Gazette, January 27, 1911, page 8)

The death of a six-day-old infant girl at the County Infirmary last Friday morning led to an investigation during the past week by the County Prosecutor’s office, resulting in a strong suspicion of child murder and making it probable that the case will be reported to the April grand jury. It is the probable fact that the child’s death was due to strangulation at the hands of the mother. An inquest was conducted soon after the occurrence of death by Coroner H.P.H. Robinson, who found death due to strangulation.

Mary Sherman, aged about 30 years, who has been at the Infirmary several years, is the mother of the illegitimate child in the case. The little one was born the latter part of the week preceding its death and up to a short time before its demise was to all appearances in good health. The mother occupied a room with Rosie Haskins, a colored woman of about the same age, who had been caring for the patient and child. The baby was last seen (by the Haskins woman) in good health at 2 or 3 o’clock on the morning of Friday. About an hour later the mother called to the colored woman to look at the child, saying that there appeared to be something the matter with it. Investigation soon showed the baby in an apparently lifeless condition, and it was placed on another bed in the room, where it remained until the arrival of Dr. Stanley, physician for the infirmary, later in the day. The autopsy which followed showed that death must have been caused by strangulation, marks being found on the neck.

The mother of the child, when questioned, said she had no knowledge of the cause of the baby’s death, and that, if she had caused its death, she must have done so when asleep. Questioned further, she said the father of the child is now dead, and the authorities had to accept this statement, although they do not believe it.

The inquiry brought out the fact that the mother has had two illegitimate children before, and on the occasion preceding the present one she took paris green, the result being that, while her life was saved, her hands were drawn out of shape by the poison in such a manner as to leave her partly crippled. She had lived in the neighborhood of the Infirmary prior to entering the institution, her father being Jack Sherman of Chippewa Lake. That she is a degenerate as well as an unfortunate seems certain.

THE BABE WAS MURDERED – Officers Get the Story of the Crime at the County Infirmary
(Medina County Gazette, February 3, 1911, page 4)

Mary Sherman, the mother of the illegitimate child born at the County Infirmary about three weeks ago and which died under suspicious circumstances from strangulation in its mother’s bed in the Infirmary a week later, has confessed to the murder of her babe. She made this confession last Friday after long questioning by Prosecutor Van Epp and ex-Sheriff Hutchinson who visited the Infirmary for the purpose of getting such confession if possible.

Her own admission is that she deliberately planned the killing of the child, and at 3:30 o’clock of the morning of Jan. 20 put her murderous design into effect on the babe that lay beside her by strangling it by the throat and holding it in her clutch till she felt it grow cold in death.

The unnatural mother kept no detail of the crime back from the officers, and declared that she had no regrets for her act, as the baby was better off dead than alive, for, if it grew up she felt it would have to go thru life suffering the taunts and jeers of the world because of its parentage.

Prosecuting Attorney Van Epp says that the crime under the law is one of first degree murder and nothing else, having the element of premeditation fully confessed.

The woman is now at the Infirmary, not under arrest, but so confined as to prevent her escape if she should contemplate such a purpose. The facts in the case will be fully laid before the next Medina county grand jury which will have to determine the nature of the legal procedure to be taken.

(Medina County Gazette, March 3, 1911, page 6)

Mary Sherman was placed under arrest by Sheriff Young at the County Infirmary Wednesday afternoon on the charge of killing her infant child, Edna Sherman, on Friday, Jan. 20, a warrant having been issued from the office of Justice W.P. Ainsworth of Medina, after W.H. Zimmerman, secretary of the Infirmary board, had made an affidavit in the case. She has made threats at the Infirmary and is considered a dangerous character. The young woman was taken before Justice Ainsworth, who held her without bail to await the action of the April grand jury. The woman is now in jail, as is proper, for the home of the county’s poor never ought to be substituted for a jail.

Stillborn daughter of Ellen Davis, born & died Nov. 11, 1912 “Lafayette Inf. Cem.”

The child’s mother was admitted on August 16, 1912 as `Ella Davis’ with “Sickness”
Ella was a single white female, aged 17 years at the time.
Child’s father is unknown.

Infant white female; presumably born at the County Home
Cause of death: stillborn; interred November 12, 1912

Infant daughter of Maggie Shaffer, Feb. 19, 1916 – Mar. 18, 1916 “Co. Infirmary”

The child’s mother Maggie, a 22-year old married white female, was admitted as Maggie Myres on October 15, 1915 being “Pregnant”.
Her brother Willis, a 4-year old white male, was admitted on January 8, 1916 – no reason given.
Maggie died at the County Home on May 1, 1916 from tuberculosis but was buried in Wadsworth.
Willis was sent to an institution for the feeble-minded in Columbus, Ohio on August 21, 1918.
He died there of bronchial pneumonia on May 4, 1920 and was buried on the grounds of that institution.
Maggie is listed as `married’ on admittance and her death certificate, but her husband and the father of her children is unknown.

Hilda: infant white female; born at the County Home and officially admitted that same day (February 19, 1916).
Cause of death: lack of nourishment; contributory cause: marasmus
Interred March 20, 1916

Stillborn child found March 12, 1922 “County Inf. Cemetery”

“Found in Champion Creek near bridge on So. Court St.”

Interred March 14, 1922; information obtained from Longacre Funeral Home records

Infant black male “County Infirmary”

“Found on Puson? farm back of Pythian home by John Puson?. Sheriff Roshon reported to us & we brought body to morgue on April 1, 1923. Baby so Dr. Strong reports was between 8 & 9 months after consumption hard to say just how old but apparently just born as afterbirth was attached to child……Coroner was notified April 3rd who asked us to have Dr. Strong see child. We also reported to Prosecutor Wabb?? the above condition checked. Appeared to be from black race as hair was curly.”

Interred April 4, 1923; information obtained from Longacre Funeral Home records

Infant white male, found dead April 17, 1923 in Medina, Ohio “Medina County Infirmary”

(Medina County Gazette, April 20, 1923, page 1)

Another newborn babe was found in the north part of the village Tuesday, and, as in the other recent case the identity of the one who put it there is a mystery, and is likely to remain one. This babe, which was evidently born alive, was a 10-pound male and was found by C.W. Collin in a vault on the premises in the Homestead allotment owned by him. Mr. Collin reported the matter to Coroner Crum who came from Lodi and viewed the body at Longacre’s morgue and ordered it to be buried in the cemetery at the county infirmary.

Per the child’s death certificate:
“Infant child supposed to have come to death by violence, as it was found in privy at back of a residence in Medina, Ohio. Probable murderous intent.”

Interred April 19, 1923

son of Wm. & Savana, May 26, 1930 – Oct. 25, 1930 “County Home”

Infant black male; born in Wadsworth, Ohio
Cause of death: cardiac failure and oedema of lungs
Contributory cause: malnutrition
Interred October 27, 1930

Infant white female, died November 21, 1930 in Granger Twp. on Robb?? Road
“County Infirmary”

“Possibly suffocated, baby was found under bridge in Granger Township. Contributory cause of death unknown; probably the act of some fiend.”

Interred November 24, 1930; information obtained from Longacre Funeral Home records

parents unknown, died Apr. 24, 1932, aged about 11y “Medina Co. Cem”

White male; a Ward of the State of Ohio from Lake County
Died at the home of Mrs. A.C. Vaupel, 240 S. Jefferson St., Medina, Ohio
Cause of death: bronchopneumonia
Contributory cause: idiocy (since birth)
Interred April 27, 1932

daughter of Robert, Dec. 1, 1931 – Dec. 4, 1933 “Medina Infirmary”

Black female; born in Alliance, Ohio
Mother not indicated on death certificate
Family lived on Foundry St. in Medina, Ohio; informant is a Carl Brown also of that street
Cause of death: Acute fulminating pneumonia, generalized convulsion
Contributory cause: Poor hygienic surroundings. History revealed spasmophilic tendency.
Interred December 6, 1933

son of Hebrew & Josephine, born & died Apr. 29, 1943 “Medina Co. Home”

Infant black male; born in Lodi, Ohio; parents lived in a trailer camp in Medina, Ohio
Cause of death: prematurity; died at Lodi Hospital; lived about 12 hours and 30 minutes
Interred April 30, 1943


These unfortunate souls were buried nameless in the County Home Cemetery as stated on their death certificates:

Died Mar. 31, 1922 in Lodi, aged about 20 years “County Home”

His body found along the Baltimore & Ohio railroad tracks with right foot and skull crushed; supposed to have been killed trying to board the train.

(Medina County Gazette, April 4, 1922, page 1)

The body of an unknown colored man was found along the railroad tracks at Lodi last Saturday morning. He was evidently stealing a ride on a train and had fallen off, his head and one arm being cut off. There was nothing in his clothes to give the faintest idea of his identity. The infirmary authorities were notified and the body was taken to the county home and buried in the cemetery there.

Interred April 1, 1922

died Mar. 19, 1928, about 35 years old “Pottersfield Medina County Infirmary, Lafayette Twp., O.”

Found murdered in a brickyard in Wadsworth with a fractured skull; cause from being hit with a blunt instrument. Contributory cause of the murder unknown.

KILLING TRULY BLACK PUZZLE – Slain Negro’s Companions Unable to Shed Any Light on Tragedy – BODY IS FOUND IN BRICKYARD – Wadsworth Plant Scene of Fatal Quarrel On Monday Night

(Medina County Gazette, March 23, 1928, page 1)

Literally a “black mystery” is baffling the sheriff’s office since the finding, Tuesday morning, in Wadsworth, of the body of a negro, loosely identified as “Black” Darmitt, dead of a blow, apparently of a brick.

Six companions of the slain negro, all members of a gang which had found refuge from the cold blasts of winter in the yards of the Wadsworth Brick and Tile company, are lodged in jail pending attempts to throw light on the mystery. The six are registered as David Harris, Alabama; Charles Cole, Virginia; Alonzo Graham, South Carolina; George Thomas, Delaware; David Cartledge, Cincinnati; Thomas Glover, Alabama. Their fingerprints have been sent to prison officers to learn if they have “done time”.

Only One Has Story
All except one declare their innocence of a suspicion, even, of how their companion came to his death. One, known as “Shorty”, told the sheriff another stubby negro, member of the gang with which Darmitt arrived in the brick yards, was missing when Marshal Tommy Lucas made his roundup Tuesday morning after the body had been found. This second “Shorty” had engaged in an altercation with Darmitt about the bean pot the evening before, it was said.
Coroner E.L. Crum visited the scene and examined the body of the slain negro in Hilliard’s undertaking rooms in Wadsworth, finding the man had met death at the hands of a person or persons unknown.

Informant: T.J. Lucas, Marshall, Wadsworth, Ohio Interred March 20, 1928

Died Oct. 29, 1928, about 55 years old “Infirmary Pottersfield”

Fracture of 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae; accidentally hit by a car and killed in Brunswick.

CAR’S VICTIM UNIDENTIFIED – Pedestrian Killed When Hit by Machine at Stowe’s Corners
MACHINE SWERVES TO PASS ANOTHER – Knocks Down Man Afoot On Wrong Side of the Road
(Medina County Gazette, October 30, 1928, page 1)

Mystery shrouded the identity of a pedestrian victim of an automobile, killed when his early Monday morning in the CCC highway at Stowe’s Corners.

The mangled body was taken into Berea to the Community hospital, in the hope that life might be retained, but death had been almost instantaneous, in the opinion of surgeons. Later, the Waite & Son ambulance brought the body to Medina, where Coroner E.L. Crum, of Lodi, was summoned to conduct an inquest.

Walking on Right
The man was walking northward and on his own right side of the road, the wrong side to guard against approaching traffic. A machine driven by John Hildebrand, of Mentor, going north, was forced to turn to the right side of the road in passing a southbound machine, driven by H.E. Watson, of Cincinnati, with John Puzenski, also of Cincinnati, as his companion. In so doing, Hildebrand’s car swung far enough to hit the pedestrian, who could not be seen in the early morning dusk, in time to halt the car. Both machines stopped and the dead man – not known to be dead – was carried to the Berea hospital in one car, the other accompanying the improvised ambulance. There the drivers of the two cars gave their names and addresses, but had departed before the arrival of Sheriff Neal Roshon, who was called to Berea when the hospital authorities found their patient a corpse.

No Missing Reports
No one had been reported missing from about Brunswick up to a late hour Monday, and inquiry in Cleveland also failed to disclose police reports of a missing man. Nothing in the garments of the victim of the accident provided a clue to identity of friends, either. It was thought possible the man might have been a resident of Brunswick or its environs, walking to work in Cleveland or on a farm north of Brunswick and that his absence might not be noted by his family or friends until after nightfall, Monday, when his failure to return home would cause alarm.

Interred November 21, 1928

Died July 2, 1930, aged about 40 years “Medina County Infirmary”

Fracture of skull and bowels are crushed and obliterated; struck by a train near Wadsworth; body found along the railroad tracks.

THINK TRAIN VICTIM KILLER – Sheriff’s Corps Connect Boneta Body and Ironton Slayer
Wounds Wipe Out Identification Aids – Wheels of Freight Crush Face, Obliterate Tattoo Marks
(Medina County Gazette, July 4, 1930, page 1)

Tragedy which sent an unidentified body to the Hilliard morgue, in Wadsworth, from Boneta, Wednesday evening, is believed to have been the sequel of another tragedy – the killing of a young woman in Ironton, O., June 2, last.

For the few remaining marks on the body of a man killed under a freight train on the Akron, Canton and Youngstown railroad, at the east end of the Boneta switch, indicate that he was Leroy Duty, wanted in Ironton to answer a first degree murder indictment growing out of the violent death of Duty’s sweetheart.

Found Near Switch
The disfigured body of the trainrider, stripped of clothes and with the face crushed beyond recognition, was found 75 feet beyond the switch point, on the Warren Griswold place, soon after the freight train, east-bound, had passed through Boneta at 6:30 o’clock Wednesday evening. Deputy Sheriff Clair House was summoned to the scene and arranged for removal of the body to the Hilliard morgue in Wadsworth, where the body is awaiting possible identification. It is believed the man slipped from his perch under a freight car, the wheels passing over his head.

Check of the height, weight and visible marks of the body against a circular just received offering a $300 reward for arrest of Duty to answer the first degree murder indictment, leads the officials to believe the victim of the accident to have been the wanted slayer.

Answers Description
Duty was described as 6 feet, weighing 185 pounds, brown hair and eyes, hair cut short. The dead man answers this description. Duty’s description included a scar over the left eyebrow and a tattoo, “L.D.” inside the left elbow, as well as three gold teeth in his lower jaw. The eyebrow was crushed in the fatal accident, the jaw, too, was destroyed, and the left arm was so lacerated as to make impossible a search for the tattoo marks.

Ironton police have been notified of the finding of the body and of the suspicions of Medina officials and are expected to come to Wadsworth to attempt identification.

For a time it was believed the body was that of one of two men seen aboard the freight train before it departed from the Medina yards, but investigation disclosed that these men had left the train, as they were found in Medina after the accident.

Further research was done and it was determined that this man was not Leroy Duty.

Aged about 68 years old, died sometime in 1942 “Medina Co. Infirmary”

Partly decomposed body found in Hinckley Twp.; cause of death being probable circulatory collapse.

(Medina County Gazette, August 4, 1942, page 1)

An unidentified man was found dead in the pasture on the Dan Bellus farm west of Hinckley dam, Friday. He was found by Roy Boltz, Bellus’ hired man. It is believed he had been dead for several days.

The county commissioners took charge and on Saturday had the remains buried in the county home cemetery.

The man had been seen around Hinckley center about a week ago and told L.H. Peterson, Hinckley fire chief, that he had come from Oklahoma. Coroner R.G. Johnston viewed the body and said death was due to natural causes.

Interred August 1, 1942


These individuals were never residents of the County Home; rather they were people who didn’t have any place to be buried when they died suddenly:

probably Feb. 2, 1891 – Sept. 22, 1915 “Co. Infirmary Cem”

KILLED BY FALL – Russian Living At Chippewa Lake Meets Death
(Medina County Gazette, September 24, 1915, page 6)

“John Loreon, a Russian in the employ of Earl Kinch, who is the tenant on Dick Kinch’s farm near Chippewa Lake, met with an accident at about noon on Tuesday that resulted in the death of the unfortunate man on Tuesday night.

Just how the accident occurred is not definitely known, but it is presumed that Loreon, alone in the barn at the time the accident took place, had ascended the ladder leading from the floor of the large barn to the hay mow, and accidentally fell, striking the floor near the foot of the ladder, from where he, unassisted, staggered to the door leading from the barn floor, where he was discovered and assisted to the house.

Dr. Strong was called and found the man had sustained a bad fracture at the base of the skull which resulted in his death as above stated.

The dead man has no relatives in this vicinity but is thought to have in Cleveland, Schnectady and Detroit, as well as in the old country. Undertaker Jay Sargent will (go) to Cleveland to consult with the Russian consul there.”

Single white male; farm laborer
Cause of death: accidental falling from mow in barn
Contributory cause: fracture skull & hemorrhage
Interred October 16, 1915

died Aug. 5, 1924, aged 34y “County Burial Place”

Came from Pennsylvania; sick with pulmonary tuberculosis; dying at the Medina County Jail.

Single black male
Informant: Fred O. Roshon, Medina Sheriff
Interred August 6, 1924

died July 8, 1925, about 51y “Medina Co. Infirmary”

NOT STANDING – But Was Hanging to Limb By His Neck
(Medina County Gazette, July 10, 1925, page 1)

“Lester Fowler, 51, a boarder in the home of Mrs. Gregg, 2112 East 55th street, Cleveland, committed suicide by hanging himself at a place three miles east of the town of Medina, late Wednesday afternoon.

Fowler had been staying in a small house on the Lower Smith road, near the intersection with the upper road, belonging to Jack Knowles, of Cleveland, and which the latter built the past year, with the idea, he said, of starting a chicken farm, which, however, he has never done. About 6 o’clock Wednesday evening, Mrs. Bagger, a neighbor, noticed a man, as she thought, standing against a tree on the Knowles property. He did not move, and she investigated, finding that, instead of standing on the ground, he was hanging by the neck from a limb about 15 feet above. She telephoned the sheriff’s office and Coroner Crum was notified. Dr. Crum directed that the body be cut down and taken to Waite’s undertaking rooms in Medina, which was done. The body was still warm and it is thought the deed was committed about 4 o’clock.

Some time after midnight, two men appeared in search of Fowler. They gave their names as E.C. Paul, 6520 Euclid avenue, Cleveland, and Robert Fulmer, 6514 Euclid avenue. They said that, with Fowler, they had come to the place last Saturday afternoon, but that they had returned Sunday evening, leaving Fowler. Feeling uneasy Wednesday at Fowler’s failure to come back, they started for Medina.

Fowler was divorced by his wife last winter, and has been despondent over this, and there is no question but that he had been drinking. He has a 15-year-old child in Massachusetts, and in his pocket was found a slip of paper bearing the address of his father in Boston, to whom a message was sent. He was a carpenter by trade and a member of the carpenter’s union.”

Divorced white male; carpenter
Cause of death: suicide by hanging a noose placed about his neck, climbed a tree, fastened end to limb & jumped (in Montville Twp.)
Contributory cause: illiteracy & liquor
Interred July 10, 1925

July 3, 1881 – May 23, 1926 “County Inf., Lafayette”

(Medina County Gazette, May 28, 1926, page 1)

“The potter’s field at the County Home in Lafayette received the body of Peter Moso, 45, who ended his life with a bullet in the kitchen of the home of Misses Mary and Jane House last Sunday noon. Burial was made Tuesday, just at sunset, when efforts to find a brother believed to be in Cleveland, failed.

A certificate of suicide due to melancholia was issued by Coroner E.L. Crum. Moso had been known as a creature of moods and the nature of the wound in his temple, with the revolver under his body, left no question as to the cause of his death.”

Single white male; laborer; born in Vorino, Italy
Cause of death: suicide by shooting himself through the head, bullet entering right temple
Contributory cause: melancholia
Informant: Italian passport
Interred March 25, 1926

died Dec. 20, 1931, aged about 58y “Medina Co. Home”

White male; died at Wadsworth Municipal Hospital
Informant: T.J. Lucas, Chief of Police
Cause of death: pneumonia (labor)
Interred February 10, 1932

died Feb. 5, 1937, about 60y “Medina Co. Cem”

White male; farmer; died in the village of Lodi
Cause of death: cardiorenal disease
Contributory cause: coronary thrombosis
Interred February 24, 1937

died Oct. 19, 1937, about 45y “Medina Co. Infirmary”

(Medina County Gazette, October 26, 1937, page 8)

“All the burial rites given any other person were administered for James Kuda, aged about 50 years, when no trace of relatives or friends could be found following his death in an accident on West Liberty street, Monday night of last week.

State patrolmen, who were called to the scene of the accident, deducted from the man’s appearance that he was a worker at a swamp and the foreman of the Lodi swamp identified the man as a former employee but did not know anything of his past history.

Funeral services were held in the Longacre funeral home, Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock, with burial in the county home cemetery. Six pallbearers were hired, each receiving $1 for their services.”

Single white male; unknown occupation
Cause of death: accidental; head injury, punctured right lung and __________ right tibia and fibula, also fractured right ________
Occurred on W. Liberty St., Medina, Ohio; public highway, struck by car
Interred October 28, 1937

died Oct. 14, 1939, about 40y “County Infirmary”

White male; unknown occupation
Cause of death: “Compound ?????ated fractures, frontal ?????? or maxillary bones, fracture left ?????, crushed ???st, killed instantly.”
Auto accident in Medina, Ohio.
Residence: Chicago, Illinois; Dearborn, Michigan
Informant: State Highway Patrol, Medina Station
Interred October 20, 1939

died June 22, 1942, aged 53y “Co. Cem., Medina, O.”

Liverpool Farmer Is Found Dead
(Medina County Gazette, June 26, 1942, page 1)

“George Hoche, 53, who was believed by his divorced wife to have been killed eight years ago in a stabbing, was found dead in a barn on the Jabor Rogojan farm, northeast of Valley City on Grafton road, late Monday afternoon. He had been dead several hours.

Hoche had been working for George Oncu at Abbeyville for several months and had been living in the Rogojan barn. It is believed he died of asthma as he was treated last Friday for that affliction by Dr. Stvblo of Valley City, who told Sheriff Oliver Barry that at that time he was a very sick man.

Funeral services were held Wednesday morning in the Gensemer funeral home, and burial was in the county cemetery.

He leaves a wife and a son, aged 28, both of Akron. The Hoches were divorced 22 years ago. Hoche was a Rumanian.”

Divorced white male; farmer; died in Liverpool Twp.
Cause of death: Circulatory collapse, myocardial insufficiency
Contributory cause: bronchial asthma
Informant: Chas. W. Williams, Deputy Sheriff, 429 S. Court, Medina, Ohio
Interred June 25, 1942

May 1, 1881 – May 2, 1943 “County Infirmary”

(Medina County Gazette, May 4, 1943, page 1)

“Steve Bene, 65, brother of Mrs. Luke Schultz of Medina, was found dead Sunday morning in the county jail where he had been locked up Thursday night. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at the Longacre funeral home at 3 o’clock, Rev. Ormund Schultz officiating. Burial will be in Medina cemetery. Mr. Bene was a laborer and recently had been employed on a farm near Copley.”

Single white male; laborer; born in Hungary; died at the County Jail
Cause of death: acute bronchopneumonia
Contributory cause: chronic alcoholism; acute icterus
Interred May 4, 1943

died June 27, 1949, aged 65y “Medina Co. Infirmary Cem.”

HANGS SELF FROM TREE – Brunswick Township Farm Worker Commits Suicide
(Medina County Gazette, July 1, 1949, page 1)

“Joe Pornoski, 65, who had been employed until two weeks ago by Frank Gavalak on County Road 38 in Brunswick township, ended his life by hanging himself to a tree in the apple orchard of Joe Gavalak a short distance away on the same road, sometime Monday.

The body was discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brayley as they drove along the road at about 5:45 p.m. Brayley notified Sheriff Charles Williams who called Coroner T.V. Kolb. Coroner Kolb gave a verdict of suicide and stated that the body had probably been there since early morning.

The only reason that could be assigned for Pornoski’s act was the fact that he had been drinking heavily and had been discharged by Gavalak about two weeks ago. He had been hanging around the neighborhood since that time.

The body was taken to the Gensemer funeral home and, as no relatives other than a stepdaughter in Cleveland could be located, he was buried in the cemetery at the county home, Thursday afternoon.”

White male; laborer-farmhand; probably born in Hungary
Cause of death: asphyxia
Contributory cause: strangulation by rope (suicide)
Interred June 29, 1949

Sept. 18, 1903 – July 7, 1949 “Medina Co. Cemetery”

FOUND DEAD BY RAILROAD – Orrville Man Thought To Have Fallen Under Train
(Medina County Gazette, July 8, 1949, page 1)

“Leo Francis Waldron, aged about 50 years, was found dead beside the tracks of the A.C. & Y. railroad at the intersection of County Roads 45 and 28 about three miles east of Spencer in Chatham township, Thursday morning.

The body was discovered when the crew of west bound train 97 reported a hog killed at about 6 a.m. It was when J.B. Lowrey, section foreman, received orders to clear the track that it was found that the body was not of an animal but a man.

Deputy Sheriff Steve Helli was notified by John Williamson of the Medina station of the A.C. & Y. and Helli and Coroner T.V. Kolb investigated. Coroner Kolb returned a verdict of accidental death.

It was the opinion of the investigating officers that Waldron had been riding an earlier westbound train which passed the spot at about 2:45 a.m. and that he had fallen asleep and fallen between the cars, several of which ran over his body.

The head was mutilated, the right leg was amputated below the knee, the left leg was badly fractured and the left side of the body injured. Eighty dollars in a small tobacco sack and $45.54 in a wallet was found in the clothing of the deceased.

The body was taken to the Elliott funeral home in Lodi pending an attempt to locate relatives.”

White male
Cause of death: trauma – run over by train; accident in Chatham Twp.
“upper 2/3 of head decapitated; left lower extremity missing; right tibia & fibula compound fractures”
Informant: information copied from personal papers
Interred July 15, 1949

Jan. 11, 1873 – Oct. 21, 1949 “Co. Home Cemetery”

(Medina County Gazette, October 25, 1949, page 1)

“William Farkas, 76, died suddenly Friday night of a heart attack at the M.E. Buckingham home on Sharon road, where he had been engaged as a farm hand the past two years. Service were held at the Gensemer funeral home Monday afternoon with Rev. Harry Beard officiating. Burial was in the county home cemetery. A native of Germany, he had no known relatives.”

Single white male; farm laborer; born in Berlin, Germany; died in Montville Twp.
Cause of death: coronary thrombosis
Interred October 25, 1949

Jan. 1, 1896 – ?Aug.? 1950 “Medina Co. Cem., Laf. Twp.”

(Medina County Gazette, September 19, 1950, page 1)

“Identification of the body of an elderly man who was found hanging from a small tree in the woods just west of the cattle barns at the fairgrounds, Saturday morning, by Joe Dylinski, according to Deputy Sheriff Otis Carlton.

By the shoes, belt and trousers, Dylinski was able to identify the body as that of Julius Chundzinski, aged about 65 years, who had been a hired man on the farm of Stanley Dylinski at the corner of W. Smith road and County Road 19.

Dylinski told Deputy Carlton that Chudzinski had disappeared from the farm between two and two and a half months ago but the family was not particularly disturbed inasmuch as he had come to the farm as a transient and it was thought that he had merely walked off again. He told the Dylinskis that he had no relatives in this country and they could give no reason for his act.

The body was found early Saturday morning by Russell Wallace and Albert Craig of Medina who were hunting squirrels in the woods. They notified the state highway patrol and patrolmen called the sheriff’s office. The body was so badly decomposed that identification from the features was impossible and animals or birds had destroyed the fingers so that finger prints could not be taken.

Coroner Andrew J. Karson pronounced the death suicide and stated that the body might have been hanging there for as much as three months. In the pockets of the dead man was found $6 in money but no papers or any means of identification.”

Single white male; farmhand; born in Poland
Cause of death: asphyxiation due to hanging – suicide
Informant: Otis Carlton (deputy sheriff)
Interred September 18, 1950

The following individuals are known to be buried in the Medina County Home Cemetery based on the given evidence:

The Report of The Directors of the Medina County Infirmary For The Period (11/1/1859 to 10/31/1860) shows an expense for “Burying dead $10”
no name is given but this is the earliest documented burial

The Report of The Directors of the Medina County Infirmary For The Period (9/1/1862 to 8/31/1863) shows an expense for “Burying dead $20.75”
No names given

Thomas, died June 6, 1875 – he died at the County Home and a document on file there tells the story of how his body was almost stolen in a foiled grave robbery at the cemetery.
(Medina County Gazette, December 29, 1892 edition, pg. 5 – Infirmary Report)

A Napoleon Soldier Dead
John Rapp, an old soldier under Napoleon, a former resident of Kromington, Germany and afterward of Liverpool, Medina County, and who was sent to the County Infirmary June 13th, 1856 being blind and sick at the time, and who has been an inmate of that institution for about 23 years, died last Monday (Jan. 20) in the 88th year of his life, of old age. He was buried in the infirmary graveyard.

(Medina County Gazette, January 24, 1879 edition, pg. 7 – death notice for John Rapp)
(Medina County Gazette, December 29, 1892 edition, pg. 5 – Infirmary Report)

Katie, “died at infirmary last Saturday evening (July 27); interred at infirmary”
(Medina County Gazette, August 2, 1889 edition, pg. 1)

Baby girl, born December 21, 1925, died December 21, 1925, stillborn, “buried in Co. Home Cemetery”
County Home register lists her father as Jasper Miller
It also shows a Maude Yocum, white female, 28 yrs old, admitted 11-28-25 for “maternity”
She is listed right above this child – presumably this is the baby’s mother
(Burial information and dates from County Home register)

Joseph, “Old Joe”, died September 11, 1904, aged 50 years; “burial at infirmary”
(Medina County Gazette, September 16, 1904 edition, pg. 5); death record


These four individuals are all believed to be buried in the Medina County Home Cemetery based on the information obtained from their death certificates:

Feb. 6, 1878 – Jan. 16, 1919 buried in “Lafayette”

She died at the County Home. John Ewing is listed as both the informant and undertaker on her death certificate.

Admitted February 21, 1918 being “Sick”
Single white female; seamstress; born in Ohio
Cause of death: tuberculosis of lungs
Interred January 18, 1919

died July 2, 1947, no age given buried in “Layfayette Twp., Medina Co.”

This is the type of individual who would have been buried at the County Home cemetery.

White male
Residence: 407 Third St., Barberton, Ohio
Cause of death: strangulation due to hanging – suicide
“Hanged self from tree with belt” – died in Wadsworth Twp. on farm
Informant: “Identification card found on body”
Interred July 5, 1947

died July 4, 1928, aged 57 years buried in “Home Cem.”

He died at the County Home. His name appears on a headstone with his family in Spencer Cemetery in Spencer, Ohio but the stone has no date of death engraved on it.

Admitted September 1, 1912 being “Feebleminded”
Single white male; born in Ohio
Cause of death: chronic nephritis
Interred July 4, 1928

Apr. 14, 1920 – June 30, 1943 buried in “Lafayette”

Both his death certificate and funeral home records indicate he was buried in “Lafayette”. Given that he had no family in the area, the County Home cemetery has to be the cemetery in Lafayette where he was buried. Where it asks `Did deceased serve in U.S. Navy or Army?’ it indicates `YES’.

WADSWORTH MAN KILLED – Newspaper Employee Is County’s Ninth Fatality
(Medina County Gazette, July 2, 1943, page 1)

Medina county’s ninth traffic fatality for 1943 occurred a mile and a half east of Mongs Corners at 2:45 a.m., Wednesday, when Alfred L. Baxter, 23, of El Reno, Okla., was instantly killed as a car in which he was riding left the road and hit a utility pole.

Baxter, who had been employed in the mechanical department of the Banner-Press at Wadsworth since Friday of last week, was riding in a car driven by Paul Goodyear, linotype operator on the same newspaper, when the car swerved from the road, crashed into the pole and then rolled over. The deceased was thrown from the car and then crushed to death as the vehicle rolled over him. The driver of the car was uninjured.

The body of the victim was taken to the Hilliard funeral home in Wadsworth and an attempt is being made to locate relatives to determine what disposition to make of the body. State highway patrolmen who investigated the accident have received word through the El Reno police that the deceased has a brother, William, whose address is 102 Spring Street, Cincinnati, and were attempting to locate him through the Cincinnati police, but had received no word from him late Thursday afternoon.

Single white male; printer; born in Cincinnati, Ohio
Residence: 200 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth, Ohio
Cause of death: crushed skull (auto accident – Rt. 224, Guilford Twp., Medina County)
Informant: “personal papers”
Interred July 7, 1943

1874-1882 Infirmary Deaths

The following Infirmary Report was found in the December 29, 1892 Medina County Gazette (page 5). These are all of the individuals who died at the County Home during the period from 1874 to 1882. Some of them were no doubt buried in the County Home Cemetery. All have been cross-checked with records for other Medina County cemeteries. Individuals for whom burial information is known is listed.

Name, Date of death, Place of burial (if known)
David Edict, April 6, 1874
John Briggs, December 30, 1874, Weymouth Cemetery
Nancy Riggleman, February 7, 1875
Thomas King, June 6, 1875, County Home Cemetery
Addison Loomis, February 7, 1876
John Dunderman, March 6, 1876
Martha Willie, December 30, 1876
Mary Klotz, March 10, 1877
Elizur Kitredge, March 20, 1877
Thomas Fitzhugh, February 8, 1877
John Curly, October 14, 1877
Mary A. Johnson, October 28, 1877
Martha Brooks, November 30, 1877
Elijah Knowlton, February 2, 1878
Mary Rapp, April 12, 1878
Dan Fulmer, April 19, 1878
Jane Best, May 12, 1878
Infant of Emma Shaw, May 29, 1878
Oliver Hilliard, October 25, 1878
Nicholas Themes, November 10, 1878
Coonrod Fry, December 4, 1878
John Rapp, January 20, 1879, County Home Cemetery
John Borland, March 10, 1879, Sharon Center Cemetery
Hettie Williams, May 4, 1879
Adam Willis, July 23, 1879
Margaret Wells, November 2, 1879
Bramond Serviss, April 3, 1880
Charles Howe, July 2, 1880, Old Medina Cemetery
Frances Martin, July 20, 1880
Emma Shaw, August 20, 1880
Infant of Sarah Brainard, October 12, 1880
Luther Gould, January 7, 1881
Maggie Knell, March 1, 1881
William Howard, July 8, 1881
Owen Judge, September 1, 1881
John Rowley, September 5, 1881
Ida M. Dean, June 3, 1882
Hugh Toll, October 3, 1882


The following individuals all appear listed in county death records (1883-1908) as `Paupers’. These persons were only found as dying in Lafayette Twp. – nowhere else – and must have been County Home residents. Some of them were no doubt buried in the County Home Cemetery. All have been cross-checked with records for other Medina County cemeteries. Individuals for whom burial information is known is listed.

Name, Date of death, Age, Place of burial
Levi Bolden, December 20, 1896, 77
David Crisman, November 17, 1891, 85
John Christopher, March 24, 1896, 78
Eph. N. Delong, April 4, 1893, 44
Barbara Fager, April 25, 1896, 71
E. Foak, September 26, 1895, 7
Katherine Hopkins, April 1, 1893, 81
Ella Kiplinger, November 19, 1892, 30
John Krigin, February 20, 1897, 71
Sally Kulp, November 9, 1896, 85
Jane Lance, February 4, 1897, 43, Waltz Cemetery
Jason Mathers, January 26, 1892, 81, Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Eleanor Morley, February 12, 1892, 73
Sarah Smith, February 26, 1896, 80
Kirt? Spice, October 12, 1896, 40
Ester Ann Tillens, October 6, 1892, 82
Almira Williams, June 11, 1892, 41, Townline Cemetery

“Supposed to be Germany”

An entry in county death records can be found for an unknown individual. There is no further information given; just that the person was living in Lafayette Twp. at the time and also died in Lafayette Twp. on October 6, 1872. Under place of birth it simply reads: “supposed to be Germany”. Perhaps they were a transient seeking shelter or care at the infirmary. Given their `residence’ and death in Lafayette – whatever their story – this unknown person is almost certainly buried in the County Home Cemetery.

Infirmary Deaths

The following individuals are listed as dying at the Infirmary in county death records (1883-1908). Many are listed as `pauper’ or `tramp’. Some were no doubt buried in the County Home Cemetery. All have been cross-checked with records for other Medina County cemeteries. Individuals for whom burial information is known is listed.

Name, Age, Date of death, Place of burial
King Allen, 82, Feb. 23, 1894
Hannah Bloomfield, 88, Feb. 14, 1895
Mary Burns, 77, Oct. 25, 1897
Marzy Van Comstock, 73, Feb. 15, 1895, Weymouth Cemetery
James Carpenter, 78, Aug. 15, 1897
Maria Case, 55, Mar. 14, 1899
Molly Davies, 89, Nov. 30, 1894
Cornelius Day, 65, Oct. 22, 1894, Chatham Cemetery
Henry Eastwood, 46, Dec. 8, 1893, Hinckley Ridge Cemetery
Anna Farquett, 47, Jan. 19, 1895
N. Fell, 53, Mar. 5, 1899
J.H. French, 58, Jan. 25, 1898
Benjamin Gilley, 67, Sep. 10, 1894
Amanda Inman, 63, Dec. 2, 1893, Spencer Cemetery
John Lance, 76, Aug. 30, 1899, Waltz Cemetery
Eva Montgomery, 75, June 20, 1899, Sharon (probably Sharon Center Cemetery)
John McKee, 55, Mar. 21, 1900, Medina
Fannie Peryer, 82, Sep. 2, 1901
Metcalf Watters, 81, Mar. 11, 1901, Spring Grove Cemetery
A.J. Wilson, 19, Aug. 14, 1894

Name, Age, Date of death, Place of burial
Clara Allen, 66, March 20, 1906, Mallet Creek Cemetery
Russell Canfield, 57, August 1, 1905
Harriet Fleming, 76, September 14, 1905, Spitzer Cemetery (?)
Elven Goodrich, 51, May 18, 1907, Maple Hill Cemetery (Hinckley)
Rosena Huescy, 50, November 2, 1906, Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Liverpool)
Elizabeth Iper, 75, November 20, 1908
Vina Ludlow, 70, October 7, 1906, Spitzer Cemetery
Harriet Mallery, 90, November 1, 1907, Lodi
Thomas Rogers, 83, November 30, 1908, Mallet Creek Cemetery
Eva Shultz, September 19, 1906
William Stannch, 62, April 24, 1907
Celistia Talcott, 51, May 18, 1907, Medina
Mark Talcott, 85, May 25, 1905, Madison, Ohio (?)
Augustus Willey, 58, August 26, 1905
Stena Wormstick, 81, March 13, 1907, Spring Grove Cemetery
Ida Heath (daughter of Ida), 3 days, November 21, 1903
John Hefty, 74, June 27, 1904
John Hubner, 75, February 24, 1904

NOTE: The last three persons were listed as dying in Lafayette Twp. and are listed as `Inmate’.

The following individuals are listed as dying at the County Home in their obituary/death notice in the Medina County Gazette (date, page in italics). No place of burial is listed but some of them could have been buried at the County Home Cemetery. All have been cross-checked with records for other Medina County cemeteries.

Isaac, in Lafayette, Oct. 13, 1872, at the infirmary, aged 20y (October 25, 1872, pg. 3)

Ed, died at infirmary last Friday (June 26), wife will leave Lodi (July 2, 1885, pg. 1)

Geo., inmate at infirmary, died last Monday (Feb. 7), aged 85 years, once postmaster in York
(February 18, 1887, pg. 5)

HIS WANDERINGS ENDED – Lute Scranton the Itinerant Violinist Dies of Old Age at the County Infirmary (February 15, 1889, page 5)

“Lute Scranton is no more; his earthly troubles ended at the county poor house on last Tuesday night (Feb. 5), when his weakened body succumbed to the call of time, and his spirit passed away to another land. Old age was the cause of his death. He was about 85 years of age. He was one of the strangest characters of this county; restive in spirit and body, his mind clouded with strange and harmless hallucinations, he wandered the country over, stopping for brief periods at different places and always carrying his `fiddle’ with him, which he would play for hours for the entertainment of himself and others. In his many wanderings, which it is said reached over a large part of Ohio and Michigan, he made hosts of friends. For the last five or six years he has stopped at the infirmary, his weak body being unable to bear the strain of travel.”

Bessie, died at infirmary Monday, aged about 70 years old (February 9, 1891, pg. 5)
Death record: Betsey Aikley, died February 3, 1891, aged 72 years

Minerva, at infirmary, died Tuesday (Feb. 2), aged over 90+ years, lived in Spencer (February 5, 1892, pg. 5)
Death record: Minerva Inman, died February 2, 1892, aged 90 years

Emma, resident at county infirmary, died there Monday night (Apr. 18), aged about 40y
used to live in Litchfield (April 21, 1892, pg. 5) Death record: Emma Clark, `pauper’, died April 19, 1893, aged 40 yrs

Mrs. Mary, living at infirmary, died there Friday (Nov. 30), formerly lived in Westfield
(December 6, 1894, pg. 5)

George, inmate at infirmary, died on Thursday of last week (July 4), aged 96y, formerly lived at Lodi
(July 11, 1895, pg. 5)

“Zenas Clark, a conspicuous and unique character here for more than 40 years, died this morning, age unknown. By his kind and genial disposition Zenas had made many friends among the inmates and the verdict of the superintendent was “a good old man”. He had been confined to his bed only a short time, and was tenderly cared for by the management, to whom he has been a faithful servant.”
(January 27, 1905, pg. 1)

Death record: Zenas Clark, died January 24, 1905, aged 73 yrs