A visit by Mike McCann and Susan Batke to the cemetery site in 2002 found only the following headstones as well as some bases and pieces of other tombstones:

Austin, infant son, died May 1843, AE. 1ys

Mary, daughter of S.C. & J., died Dec. 18, 1842, aged ?yr 11mo 20ds

Alfredine B., daughter of S.C. & J.A., died June 18, 1864, aged 13 years 9ms & 16ds

Stephen C., died Apr. 8, 1867, aged 58yrs 1mo & 1 day

“S.M.O.” footstone

Base #1
Base #2
Base #3
Base #4

NOTES: The top of the Austin stone is broken off and does not have the name `Brown’ visible. We know who this is based on his appearance on an obelisk with other family members (see below). The Mary Oviatt stone was too fragile to even handle so the name Mary was not visible to us. We matched the information we could see to her listing in the MCGS inscriptions. Alfredine Oviatt’s first name is not visible in our photograph but the information was matched to her MCGS listing also. They list her as `Aleredine’ but the 1860 Hinckley census lists her as `Alfredina’. We are listing her as `Alfredine’ here.

The following inscriptions were obtained from photographs of some tombstones from the cemetery that were being kept up by the garage of the homeowner of the surrounding property. These stones were not located in the cemetery in 2002. The photographs were submitted by Ed Brown, a descendent of some of those buried there:

C.D., died May 9, 1852, aged 45ys
Judith, 2nd wife of C.D., died May 29, 1844, aged 28 yrs
Susannah, 3rd wife of C.D., died Mar. 22, 1849, aged 25 yrs & 8ms
Children of C.D. & J:
Austin, died May 1843, aged 1 year
Miranda M., died Aug. 3?, 1858, aged 18 yrs & 3ms

Judith M., 2nd wife of C.D., died May 29, 1844, AE. 28 yrs

The following inscriptions are taken from those compiled by the Medina County Genealogical Society and published in their book Tombstone Inscriptions from the Cemeteries of Medina County, Ohio, 1983 (Evansville, IN: Whipperwill Publications, 1983). These could not be located on site in 2002:

Ida E., daughter of C.E. & L.P., died Aug. 24, 1869, aged 13y 6m

Infant daughter of L & H, ??????

George, son of D & J, died June 27, 1842

Footstones reading “A.P.” and “M.J.O.”