Row 1
James, died Mar. 16, 1879, aged 74yr 3m 23d
Rebecca, died June 11, 1884, aged 73yr 8m 19d

Hannah W., daughter of J & R, died Jan. 9, 1857, aged 15ys 4m 22ds

James E., son of J & R, died Sep. 28, 1852, aged 6 mos 2ds

Margaret, daughter of J & R, died Oct. 12, 1852, aged 17 yrs 2mos 22ds “M.B.”

Row 2

Philip H., 1786-1849
Maria Eva Schneider, his wife, 1792-1867
Charles J., their son, 1823-1913 “CHARLES”
Caroline, their daughter, 1833-1926 “CAROLINE”

Pamela, dau. of H & S, died Sep. 6, 1850, aged 35 yrs

Willis A., son of A & L, died Oct. 25, 1850, AE. 1yr 3mo 20?ds

Julia M., wife of G.C. & daughter of A & S Booth, died June 1, 1862, AE. 25ys 6m

NOTE: While the stone does bear the letter `A’ for her father’s initial, the 1850 census for Lafayette Twp. shows her living with Hilen and Sarah Booth and all indications are that Hilen is her father.

Hilen, died Dec. 7, 1870, aged 83ys 6ms, father
Sarah, his wife, died Aug. 14, 1864, aged 70 yrs 7 mos 11ds, mother

Row 3

William, died July 22, 1859, aged 64 yrs
Elizabeth, wife of Wm., died (no inscription), aged (no inscription)
Children of W & E:
Martha H., died May 13, 1858, AE. 15ys 6m
William, died June 12, 1840, AE. 6ys 3m

(William Dugo has another headstone which reads: “William, son of Wm & E Dugo, died June 12, 1840, ag’d 6 y’rs”.)

Mary, died Dec. 25, 1859, aged 91 yrs

Orange W., son of L.R. & E, died June 27, 1851, AE. 2y 11m 27d

Ann, died Feb. 15, 1849, aged 25y 6mo

Cordelia, died Aug. 31, 1861, aged 26yr 3m 23d “C.S.”

(Ann Wolcott has another headstone which reads: “Ann, wife of Peres C. Wolcott, died Feb. 15, 1849, aged 25 yrs & 6mo”.)

Peter, died Dec. 1, 1880, aged 90yr 3m 20d
Martha, his wife, died May 7, 1856, aged 62yr 4mo

Edgar, died Feb. 16, 1856, aged 26yr 3m 14d
Sarah, his wife, died Oct. 28, 1856, aged 24yr 2m 21d

Laura A., wife of D., died Apr. 28, 1852, AE. 45 y’rs “L.A. & L.L.”
Laura, dau. of D & L, died Sep. 28, 1852, AE. 5m 13ds

P.S., died Aug. 1, 1868, aged 80ys 4ms

Joshua, died Oct. 27, 1870, aged 73 yrs, father
Charlotte, his wife, (no dates), mother

(Medina County Gazette, July 6, 1883 edition, page 7, Vital Statistics List shows Charlotte Goodrich dying on September 23, 1882, aged 80 years. Her death record confirms this.)

Row 4

Four little graves, children of E.A. & S.S., no names or dates

Per the 1881 History of Medina County (page 732): Elisha A. Branch and his wife had three children who died in infancy without being named. This stone must refer to them. The book also refers to another daughter, Martha, who was then already deceased. Given the parents’ marriage in 1842 and her absence from any of the 1850, 1860, or 1870 censuses, we can assume she died young and would also be buried here.

Theodore L., died Sept. 16, 1866, aged 21 yrs & 4ms

Elisha A., 1818-1900
Sarah S. Gardner, his wife, 1824-1908

Ann’s Grave, departed this life July 14, 1848

Little Sarah’s Grave, AE. 1 y’s 9ms

Emily’s Grave, departed this life Aug. 10, 1859

Row 5

Lawsen, died July 12, 1868, aged 64ys 4ms 9ds
Cordelia, wife of L., died Sept. 18, 1867, aged 59ys 7ms 27ds

Miles M., son of L & C, died Aug. 12, 1864, AE. 20ys 1mo, 61-65

James, died Nov. 2, 1880, aged 45 y’rs 7m & 20d “FATHER”
Delilah Halliwill, wife of James, May 22, 1843 – July 30, 1921 “MOTHER”
Lucien S., Feb. 24, 1870 – Oct. 27, 1904, son “L.S.B.”

Ada, sister, 1878-1958
Luke W., brother, 1876-1949

Benjamin, died Mar. 14, 1849, aged 77 yrs
Elizabeth, his wife, died Jan. 24, 1841, aged 69 yrs “B.H. E.H.”

Broken piece of a headstone reads: “ ?1 years”

Row 6

NOTE: In this location can be found the broken base of a headstone that once had an inscription on it. All that can be read now is the engraver’s name at the bottom and the date when it was engraved (1887).

Mary, wife of Levi, died Jan. 9, 1869, aged 92ys
Levi, died Aug. 17, 1855, aged 76ys
Polly, wife of Levi, died June 5, 1840, aged 59ys “P.B.”

Prudence, wife of John, died June 22, 1840, aged 33 years

Rose, died Jan. 12, 1881, aged 70 yrs

Jonathan, died April 22, 1864, aged 64 yrs & 11 mos

Clarinda L., daughter of J & H, died Sep. 6, 1852, aged 3 yrs 2mos 13ds

Nancy, wife of C.J., died June 7, 1849, aged 27 years

Charles J., died April 30, 1892, aged 65 years

(No headstone; information obtained from his death record and the May 12, 1892 edition of the Medina County Gazette (page 1) which tells of his death in Weymouth and that his body was taken to York for burial. This is the family lot where his first wife was buried so he would probably have been buried here.)

Willis, died October 12, 1878

(No headstone; information taken from the October 18, 1878 edition of the Medina County Gazette (pg. 3). News from York tells of the death of a Willis Hunt who died Saturday morning and was buried on Sunday. No place of burial is given and no death record has been located for him. The 1860 census for York Twp., shows a Williston Hunt, aged 11 years, living in the household of Charles J. and Eliza Hunt. The 1870 census for York Twp. shows him as Willis M. Hunt, aged 21 years, and living in the same household with Charles and Eliza Hunt. Curiously he does not appear in the 1850 census. At that time Charles was living with Jonathan and Hannah Hunt. His first wife, Nancy, had died the year prior (see above) and marriage records show he married Eliza in July of 1851. From the given evidence, it looks like Willis might have been the son of Charles and Nancy. That would make his age at death about 29 years old. This is a probable burial site given the perceived family connections.)

Row 7

Zerah Ann, wife of Theodore, died May 31, 1851, AE. 41 y’rs 6m 4ds “Z.A.B.”

Charles W., son of W.S. & A.S., died Mar. 31, 1846, agd 1yr 4mo 9dys

William, died Sept. 20, 1849, aged 69 years (A footstone that reads “W.S. & E.S.” can also be found with this grave. Based on the inscriptions of nearby stones we can assume that `E.S.’ refers to William’s wife. No headstone can be found for her.)

Levi H., died Sep. 4, 1850, AE. 38 yrs 11mo 27dys “L.H.S.”

Amelia, dau. of Wm. & E, died Aug. 23, 1851, aged 47 yrs

Artemisia, dau. of Wm. & E, died Oct. 8, 1852, AE. 17 yrs

Lucius A., son of R.M. & L.E., (unreadable text), died Sep. 28, 1852, AE. 8 y’rs

R.M., died Jan. 20, 1866, aged 48 yrs “R.M.F.”

Lucy E., wife of R.M., died December 27, 1903, aged 81 yrs 9m 18d
(No headstone; information obtained from her death record and the January 1, 1904 edition of the Gazette (page 8) which tells of her burial at Branch cemetery. Presumably she would be buried near her husband.)

Row 8

Ransom, born Mar. 21, 1820, died Feb. 16, 1891 “FATHER”
Elisabeth, his wife, born July 23, 1834, (no death date)
(Per her death record, Elisabeth Chittenden died on December 26, 1897.)

Harlan D., son of R & E, died Sep. 4, 1870, aged 2 y’rs

Eunice, wife of Ransom, died Dec. 14, 1860, AE. 50 yrs

Desire, died Aug. 13, 1835, aged 46 yrs 3m 6ds

Little Emma’s (Grave), died Mar. 12, 1849, AE. ????

Maria L., daughter of W.B. & M, died Nov. 26, 1840, agd 3 yrs 2mo & 8ds “M.L.S.”

Orson, 1809-1891
Aseneth K., his wife, 1816-1892

Row 9

George, died Mar. 23, 1846, agd 43 yrs

Children of Wm. & D:
Mary, died Aug. 13, 1857, aged 2 yrs
Herman, died Aug. 13, 1856?, aged 7 yrs
Willie L., died Aug. 19, 1856, aged 5mo 12d’s

Diana, wife of Wm., died Jun. 14, 1895, aged 82 yrs
Francis, 1847-1871

William, died Nov. 26, 1853, aged 49 yrs 5m
Albert, son of Wm. & D, died in Falmouth, Va. Dec. 31, 1862, aged 19 years 4m, Member of ??????????

J., died Mar. 19, 1851, aged 84yr
Lucretia, his wife, died May 10, 1852, aged 86yr

Row 10

Adelia E., daughter of R & A.E., Sept. 5, 1843 – Mar. 9, 1844

Sarah Jane, daughter of Wm. & Sarah C., died Nov. 1, 1842, aged 12 years & 10mo

Lydia B., daughter of Wm. & Sarah, died Sept. 11, 1848, aged 15y 5m & 11d

Charles W., son of W & C.M., died May 11, 1856, AE. 8m 3d

Lyda J., dau. of W & C.M., died May 19, 1859, AE. 6 mos

Arthur B., son of D.W. & M.M., died Feb. 22, 1861, AE. 4m 12d

Footstone reading: “S.D.”

Audrey Cholet, 1909-1994
Hilda, 1906-2001
Roberta Johns, 1919 – no death date

Footstone reading “A. (second letter not visible)”

Ansel C., born Mar. 16, 1812, died Oct. 18, 1892
Cecelia M., his wife, born Dec. 20, 1818, died June 28, 1887

Myra E., died ?????? ?1859, aged 11 yrs & 8mos
(This stone is very worn. Per the 1881 History of Medina County (page 732) she is a daughter of A.C. & C.M. Bowen.)

Dealia S., daughter of A.C. & C.M., died Aug. 7, 1859, aged 8 yrs 7 mos

Myron E., son of A.C. & C.M., died Oct. 14, 1846, AE. 3y 10mo & 25ds

Row 11

Mary B., daughter of Cleveland & Abigail, died Sept. 1, 1845, agd 1yr 8mo 3 dys “M.B.S.”

Abigail, wife of Cleveland, died Nov. 8, 1857, aged 42y 5m 11d “A.S.”

Myrtle Lucy, 1880-1942
Arthur, 1880-1951

David Alan, interred 5-12-04 (No headstone; cremains buried on lot of Myrtle and Arthur Lance; information obtained from sexton’s records.)

Wm., died Aug. 30, 1889, aged 73y 4m 9d
Sarah A., his wife, died Dec. 23, 1889, aged 71y 11m 2d
Mary E., died Nov. 26, 1856, aged 13y 9m 8d
Sarah J., died Sept. 10, 1852, aged 2y 10m 21d

Both Mary E. & Sarah J. have second headstones which read as follows:
Mary E., daughter of Wm. & Sarah Bachtell, died Nov. 26, 1856, aged 13 ys 9 mos 8ds
Sarah J., dau. of W & S Bachtell, died Sep. 10, 1852, AE. 2ys 21ds

Row 12

Children of L.D. & E.L.:
Perry D., born Sept. 5, 1882, died Dec. 5, 1884
Cora S., born Nov. 8, 1886, died Aug. 27, 1895

Lyman D., Dec. 2, 1843 – Feb. 13, 1903 “FATHER”
Emilia L., his wife, Nov. 24, 1847 – Nov. 17, 1914 “MOTHER”

Dea. Asa, died Sept. 5, 1871, aged 71ys 9 mos
Electa B., his wife, died Apr. 13, 1876, aged 73 yrs
Asa B., died Sept. 22, 1874, aged 45 yrs
M.I., died Oct. 22, 1879, aged 47 yrs 9 mos

Sarah N., niece of Dea. A. Nash, died Sept. 21, 1852, aged 17 yrs “S.N.B.”

Ernest R., died June 16, 1877, aged 5 yrs
Eunice E., dau. of D.A. & E.B., died May 13, 1851, aged 14 yrs 8 mos “E.E.N.”
Clara M., died May 15, 1887, aged 26 yrs

Thos, died Jan. 12, 1854, AE. 64 yrs

Lydia Wright, wife of Thomas, died Nov. 25, 1865, aged 72 yrs

Row 13

Oma A., daughter of A.M. & E.S., born Sep. 7, 1872, died Sep. 10, 1885

John, May 14, 1809 – Sept. 11, 1893

Hannah Branch, Dec. 23, 1824 – Mar. 29, 1898

James, son of James & Elizabeth, died Aug. 8, 1863, AE. 30ys 9ms

Benj., died Sep. 12, 1849, aged 66y 3m “B.G.”

J. Norman, son of B & U, died Nov. 16, 1850, aged 20y 1m “J.N.G.”

Row 14

Wm. H., died Dec. 12, 1853, AE. 35y
Elizabeth Branch, wife of Wm. H., born Sept. 12, 1820, died Dec. 21, 1897

D.B., Jan. 28, 1848 – June 14, 1907, Co. I 2nd O.V.C.
Emma F., wife of D.B., died Oct. 13, 1890, aged 45 yrs

Elisha, died Nov. 11, 1856, agd 69y 7m

Sally, wife of Elisha, died Feb. 13, 1867, aged 78 yrs 7ms

Betsey J., daughter of L.M. & E, died March 17, 1848, aged 1yr 6m & 18d

Isaac L., son of L.M. & E.B., died Sept. 14, 1864 of wounds recived* in a skirmish near Winchester, VA.
aged 24 y’rs 9m & 25d, Sergeant Co. B 2 O.V.V.C.

(* – word is misspelled on the stone.)

Lorenzo M., died Jan. 11, 1893, aged 82 yrs 6ms
Emeline Branch, wife of L.M., died Sep. 23, 1885, aged 74y 1m 24d

Infant, dau. of E.T. & C.G., no dates

(The March 25, 1886 edition of the Medina County Gazette (page 1) tells of the passing of a two month old infant daughter of E.T. and Clara Pierce of Lafayette on March 20, 1886. County death records show a Lenora Pierce, aged 1 month, who died on the same date – also in Lafayette. These records appear to refer to the child on this headstone.)

James, died July 23, 1883, aged 79ys 9ms & 13ds “FATHER”
Eliza, wife of James, died Apr. 21, 1850, aged 43 years & 5ms “MOTHER”
James, son of J & E, died Aug. 15, 1853, aged 3ys 3ms & 26ds “JAMES”

Row 15

Sons of W.B. & M:
William L., died Jan. 21, 1849, aged 11 mos 21ds
Thos. J., died Feb. 1, 1852, aged 20 yrs 30ds

David H., son of Wm. B. & M, died June 9, 1854, AE. 24y 9m 11d “D.H.G.”

Truman, died Feb. 26, 1885, aged 69 yrs “T.B.”
Amelia L., his wife, died July 7, 1891, aged 68 yrs
Arza P., died Jan. 25, 1863 at Frankfort, Ky., aged 17ys, Member of Co. H 103 Regt. O.V.I.

(Arza Branch has another headstone which reads: “Arza P., son of Truman & Amelia L. Branch, (two lines of unreadable text) Jan. 25, 1863, aged 17 yrs 1mo 3ds”.)

Electa, dau. of E & M, died Feb. 21, 1853, AE. 1m 15d “E.A.”

Hopey, wife of Harvey, died Feb. 23, 1837, aged 26 years

Rosina A., wife of John A., died Nov. 27, 1860, aged 45 yrs 5ms 2?ds

John R., born Ap’l. 13, 1778, died Apl. 17, 1867, aged 83 yrs

Ruth P., wife of J.R., died Aug. 28, 1850, AE. 58 yrs

Footstone reads: “C.H.”

John A., died Oct. 2nd, 1840, aged 25 years

Row 16

Abner, died Nov. 15, 1873, aged 80 yrs
Permella, his wife, died Sep. 11, 1875, aged 78 yrs

Kendrick, 1832-1876

Bertie, 1865-1888

Louisa, 1839-1917
(Longacre funeral home records refer to her as Louisa Kimber. Marriage records indicate she married Charles Kimber on October 18, 1891.)

Row 17

Samuel, born April 4, 1812, died January 31, 1877
(A broken and eroded marker is laying in this location. The WPA map shows his grave located here and his wife’s stone is to the right. His birthdate is found in the profiles in the 1874 county atlas (page 27) while his death record provides the other date.)

Nancy, wife of Samuel, died Sept. 12, 1868, aged 51 yrs 6ms “N.H.”

Thompson P., Co. H 8 Rgt. O.V.I., died at Oakland, Md. Aug. 31, 1861, AE. 21ys 16ds

Footstone reads: “R.H.”

L.W., died Jan. 19, 1853, AE. 67y’s 4m’s “L.W.G.”

Lydia, wife of L.W., died Apr. 7, 1865, aged 79 yrs 6m’s

There are three markers here – all flush with the ground – that read simply “FROST”. Death certificates identify these burials as the following three children:

Herman, son of George & Ida, September 26, 1914 – December 5, 1915

Bernice Laverne, daughter of Edward & Georgia, February 17, 1922 – November 21, 1922

Lenore Virginia, daughter of George & Anna, December 31, 1923 – November 9, 1924

Samuel M., died Aug. 28, 1848, ag’d (no inscription) y’rs

Lucinda, died March 26, 1835, aged 62 yrs
E.J., her husband, died June 20, 1855, AE. 85 yrs

(The headstone for Lucinda and E.J. Bruce sits a few feet directly behind the stone for Samuel Sharp. It appears that it is the lone tombstone for a Row 18, although the WPA map for this cemetery only shows 17 rows with the Hale graves being in the last row. It is unclear how the Bruce headstone fits in.)


Willis A., died July 7, 1882, aged 22 years

(The July 14, 1882 edition of the Medina County Gazette (page 5) tells that he died the Saturday last (July 8) and was buried in York Township on Sunday. The date and age above are from his death record. The obituary goes on to tell that his last name by birth was Russell but, having been raised by Elisha Branch since he was a baby, he took the Branch name. This would have to have been the cemetery in York Township where he was buried, given the Branch family connections. He and his wife, who made their home in Lorain, had but recently buried their baby. Birth records show an infant son of Willis and Jennie Branch was born June 21, 1882 but no death or burial information can be found. It is certainly possible that the infant is buried here also.)

William B., September 23, 1807 – January 26, 1900
Melissa Brintnall, his wife, died January 13, 1893, aged 76y

(The February 1, 1900 (pg. 8) and February 15, 1900 (pg. 8) editions of the Medina County Gazette tell of William’s passing and that he was buried here at the “South Street Cemetery” in York. His death record confirms the date of January 26; the newspaper accounts conflict, one saying January 26, the other January 27. The date of death for his wife is from her death record. If her husband was buried here a few years later, presumably she would have been interred here as well. Their daughter is buried in Row 8; perhaps they are buried in that location. Finally, his obituary mentions that the couple had a total of six children (two boys, four girls); two of which died young. One is the daughter in Row 8. From census records (1860 York Twp.) we find a George H., aged 1 year, living with the couple and their other children. He would have been eleven years old in 1870 but is not found living with the family in that census. Presumably, he is the other child that died and would also probably be buried in this cemetery.)

Clarence, son of Henry & Ettie, died October 5, 1883, aged 2 years 4 months

(This child’s death is mentioned in the October 12, 1883 edition of the Medina County Gazette (page 4). It also tells that he was buried in the South street cemetery. The child’s name appears on a headstone in Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina with his parents – in Section 4, Lot 56. Cemetery records for Spring Grove show all of the others buried in that lot, purchased in 1902, but not the child. There is no headstone found in Branch Cemetery but it is certainly possible that he is still buried here.)


Abram, died April 12, 1887, aged 55y 5m 10d

(His death is mentioned in the Medina County Gazette on both April 15, 1887 (page 5) and April 22, 1887. One indicates that he was buried at York cemetery; the other at South Street cemetery. There is no record of him at York cemetery but there are several things that tie him to this cemetery. His parents, Peter and Martha, are buried in Row 3. His wife’s family plot is in Row 10. Most importantly, Abram owned land and lived on the north side of Branch Rd. right across from this cemetery. He was moved to Spring Grove Cemetery in Medina in July of 1908 and is buried in Section 4, Lot 39 with his wife who died in 1931.)